Composed By: Peter Allen

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                When Brian (Luke Goss) finds himself unemployed after being laid off from his job in a top investment firm, he is drawn into a money making scheme by a friend.  He invests all he has left in a quick fix deal.  Of course, it would be Brian's luck that the deal would go sour and that he'd be the one left holding the bag, chased after by a very dangerous man who wants his money back.

                Pressed is an action film featuring songs by various artists like David Steele, Ben Kadey, Jeff Piattelli and more and a musical score by Peter Allen.  A Canadian composer and musician, Peter Allen began his foray into film scoring in the early 1990s and has since created the musical scores of Cyborg 2, Flower and Garnet, The Score, American Mary and more.

                The songs on the Pressed Soundtrack is a mix of genres, including R&B (My Own Road), metal (Alien Smegma, Up Up Down Down), dance (Under Your Spell), alternative (Redefined, Ladia), pop (Superman) and hip-hop (Dirty).  The music is everything you would expect from an action film's score, heavy on electric guitars, percussion, and electronic sound.  This is an energizing soundtrack designed to keep your adrenaline pumping.

                The combination of songs and score on the Pressed Soundtrack keeps the listener guessing as to what might be going on in the film, a trait I find intriguing.  The soundtrack makes for terrific background music to the visuals of the film (if the trailer is any indication of just how much action this film contains).  It also makes for a great stand alone album featuring something for fans of any genre of music.  Buying the Pressed Soundtrack would be money well-spent for those who need an adrenaline boost.


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