Prevention Magazine

Published By: Rodale, Inc.

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus


            I have to start by saying that I do not subscribe to this magazine, a mistake on my part.  I am a frequent purchaser, some might call it an addictive habit.  I find my self fidgeting around the magazine rack at the beginning of the month and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next issue. 

            Prevention Magazine is a small tabloid published monthly and available for the generous price of $3.59 retail.  The information given in the publication is well worth every bit of the cover price, it's almost invaluable.  Stories are broken into six categories- health, nutrition, beauty, fitness, mind and cooking.  Eye catching cover stories are mixed into the magazine to create a nice flow for the reader.

            Prevention seeks out the latest and greatest minds and ideas to keep your body in its best performing ability.  No topic is to big for Prevention to tackle, whether it's heart disease or treating small irritations and ailments, for example athlete's foot.  I have found some of the best remedies written in clear and understandable language.  Let's face it, not all of us have medical or fitness training and having everything in layman's terms makes it that much easier to correct any issues.

            I love the nutrition section because the magazine always finds a new way to show how fruits and vegetables impact your daily life.  I didnít know that avocados for example were a MUFA, which is a healthy fat that reduces belly fat.  It's little facts like these that can be so helpful in creating your own healthy lifestyle without having to research a bunch of diet books.  You are certainly not asked to be a health expert but there are plenty of contributors who are, like Dr. Weil, who is very well respected and a monthly contributor.

            Fitness is something we just cannot ignore and Prevention makes sure that there are new moves to motivate us and keep our workouts fresh.  Without exercise there is no way our bodies would be at their absolute peak performance and the moves in this publication are just the right ones to make sure you can play that extra round of golf or take part in a volleyball match.  Every month there is something for everyone, I have seen walking tips, balance ball stretching with strength training, you name it, its something some who is twenty as well as a senior can do.

            Prevention also supplies us with recipes that are designed to be healthy, meaning low fat, sugar and sodium.  It's just another perk you receive each month.  If you are trying to eat healthy and using natural ingredients, you will not be disappointed.  The recipes are easy to follow and they donít call for ingredients you have to spend hours in specialty stores hunting for.  I think you will pleasantly surprised by the cooking time, too.

            If you are looking for the latest information on health at a reasonable cost, then this publication is for you.  The only pet peeves I have are the ads and the fact that the magazine only publishes once a month.  Prevention is one of my all time favorites and I hope it becomes one of yours as well. 


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