Movie Soundtrack

The Promotion

Composed by: Alex Wurman

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            The Promotion stars Seann William Scott as Doug Stauber, assistant manager of a Chicago grocery store.  Heís put in his time at the store and worked hard.  When construction begins on a new store just a few blocks away, Doug believes heís a shoo-in for the job.  That is, until Richard Welhner (John C. Reilly) comes along.  Richard is a new assistant manager from Canada.  Dougís not certain how to take this new guy, he certainly is different.  But when Richard applies for the same manger job as Doug, itís war.  As the two go head to head in a contest of wills, ruthlessly competing for the manager job, they realize that they are not so different after all.

            The soundtrack of The Promotion is composed by Alex Wurman, a man for whom music is a family business.  Generations of his family have devoted their lives to the study and performance of music.  His father, arranger and composer Hans Wurman, was a pioneer in electronic music, recording works on the first Moog synthesizer.  Alex Wurman has his own reputation among film makers as one of the most versatile composers in Hollywood.  He has composed for dramatic film, as well as comedies, documentaries, and action films.  Some of his works include the musical score for March of the Penguins, Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby, Hollywood Homicide, Confessions of A Dangerous Mind and more.

            Although Wurmanís work has received many accolades over the years, Iím afraid I canít applaud his composition for The PromotionThe Promotion Soundtrack contains mostly light-hearted fluff that is repetitive in nature.  Imagine 22 tracks of sleep elevator music or that music you hear when you are on hold waiting for a service representative to answer your call.  Thatís what you get with this soundtrack.  There is simply nothing special about the composition of this score with the exception of track 9, The Company Picnic, which contains a Latin flare.  Otherwise, the most imaginative part of this soundtrack are the titles on the track listing: Cheese Poster, Strawberry Charleston Chew, I Am Peanuts, Itís Pepsiís World.  Those titles were the most enjoyable part of the entire experience.

            My prediction is that The Promotion Soundtrack is one of those albums that will find its way to the bottom of that dusty bargain bin, begging for someone to even take notice that itís still there.


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