Composed By: The Newton Brothers

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the psychological horror flick, Proxy, Alexia Rasmussen is Elizabeth Woodhouse, a pregnant woman who loses her child to a senseless attack on the street.  Seeking help understanding how to deal with her loss, Elizabeth joins a support group.  The women in the group appear to be extremely helpful at first and Elizabeth finds herself bonding with Melanie Michaels (Alexa Havins) in particular.  But not everything is as it seems in this support group and some members may be doing more harm than good.

                The musical score of Proxy was created by Andrew Grush and Taylor Stewart, the creative duo known as The Newton Brothers.  Raised on opera, radio, concerts and movies, the two developed a career that would combine both their love for music and for movies. Known for creating music from the least likely of instruments, The Newton Brothers have amassed quite a résumé including musical scores for Pawn Shop Chronicles, Setup, Detachment, High School, Oculus and more.

                Having listened to other Newton Brothers creations, I was surprised at the musical score for Proxy, which was orchestral, featuring regular unique sounds coming from things least likely to be classified as instruments.  The Proxy Soundtrack is reminiscent of old-school horror tracks and contains a classic horror feel.  I loved the use of the high note piano key strike to relay possible mental dysfunction and the screeching violins denoting a descent into madness.

                The musical score of Proxy is unsettling enough to be perfect for the film, though I'm not quite sure I would by the Proxy Soundtrack as a stand alone album.  Fans of the movie will want to own the score and the price is none too shabby making The Newton Brothers' score for Proxy well worth checking out.


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