The PsychoKitty Speaks Out

Diary of a Mad Housecat

Written by: Max Thompson

Published By: Inkblot Books

Reviewed by Natasia Minners


            A short time ago, I wrote an article about my favorite kitty toys.  While doing a little web-surfing for research purposes, I came across a book I had never heard of before.  I thought that I should have heard of this book since the cover seemed to be an artistís portrayal of me!  That was just the front cover.  When I saw the back cover and the photo that looks like one I post on most of my articles, I was astonished.  But the book said that this look-alike kitty was named Max Thomspon and that he, like myself, was exasperated with his humans.  Well, right away I just knew I had to get my paws on The PsychoKitty Speaks Out: Diary of a Mad Housecat.

            The PsychoKitty Speaks Out actually began as a blog where Max Thompson discussed the various day to day issues that a domestic cat must endure when dealing with his human staff.  Iím so glad he was able to get this blog printed into book format.  After all, my human seems to think that this computer is actually hers and so she shoos me away from it every chance she gets, so when would I have the opportunity to read Maxís musings in blog format?

            I can totally relate to what Max is going through.  Here is a kitty after my own heart, not to mention my own looks.  He sings to his people, but they donít seem to appreciate this, especially when it occurs at 3AM.  I do the same thing and have to endure the same lack of appreciation.  His taste in Stinky Goodness is exactly the same as mine - I simply love Fancy Feast cat food, especially the cans with the large pieces of shrimp.  We both share an adoration for the turkey meat we get only a couple of times a year.  And of course, we both love our kitty crack.

            We also share an affinity for jumping up on our humans to wake them up and remind them that it is time for breakfast.  I agree with Max - if we didnít do this, how would these people ever know when it is time to get up?  They would sleep all day and we poor felines would be left to starve all day.

            Now, while I could thoroughly relate to what Max was saying in this book, when I leant the book to my human, all she could do was laugh.  She kept saying, ďWow, Natasia, Max sounds an awful lot like you!Ē  Of course he does!  We suffer the same plight!  And she continued to laugh hysterically until she finished the book. 

            We both finished the book quickly, but for different reasons.  I say that the book was such a quick read because Max was very direct about his issues and I could completely relate to everything he wrote.  My human thought it was a fast read because it was so funny that she couldnít bare to put the book down.  She even read portions of it out loud to anyone within earshot.  Strange enough, they laughed along with my human agreeing that Max sounded exactly like me.  Stupid humans - Max and I suffer the same plight, but we sound nothing alike.  After all, heís a boy and Iím a girl and Iím sure our voices sound different.

            But, I digress.  The PsychoKitty Speaks Out: Diary of a Mad Housecat was definitely an unexpected and very happy find.  I truly loved the book and recommend it to any kitty out there who is exasperated by the humans they own.  Max offers up some very useful tips for us to use during times when we are utterly annoyed by our humans or when we really want our humans to give us something and they are too ignorant to understand.  I donít recommend giving this book to your humans though - if they are anything like mine, all they will do is laugh and draw comparisons between Max and yourselves.  I certainly canít wait for Max Thompson to write another book!  Iíll be first kitty on line for his next novel!


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