The PsychoKitty Speaks Out 2:

Something of Yours Will Meet A Toothy Death

Written by: Max Thompson

Published By: Inkblot Books

Reviewed by Natasia Minners


            Iíve finally found a kitty after my own heart.  Max Thompson is simply the best kitty author there is, offering the humans a glimpse into the life of a cat through his daily blog.  His first book, The PsychoKitty Speaks Out, touched my heart.  I, too, understand all too well what itís like to live with humans.  And believe me, there are some definite trials and tribulations involved in living with humans who think they know exactly what you want and need out of life.  Pah-lease!  I found such honesty and truthfulness in his first book, that I decided to buy the sequel, The PsychoKitty Speaks Out 2: Something of Yours Will Meet a Toothy Death.

            The book covers one entire year in Maxís life - quite possibly the hardest and most trying of years.  Poor Max goes through a lot in this book.  In the last book, things were difficult what with the humans not waking up or feeding him on time and moving around a lot.  But this year, Max turns four years old and everything stable in his life is about to change.  First, his humans think itís a good idea to bring home a furry, black bundle of adrenaline to add as a member of their family.  Listen up, humans: if we are living extremely happy lives going solo, what makes you think we need a baby furball running around disrupting things?  We are not lonely and looking for a friend.  Thatís just an excuse for you to satisfy your need to dote on another member of the superior species.  Believe me, Max, I can relateÖIíve heard whispering about kittens around here and Iím not liking it one bit!

            To make matters worse, it seems that the furball they bring home has cooties and decides to share them with Max.  Unfortunately, Max becomes very sick and has to go to the vet quite a bit throughout the year.  He becomes so sick that he canít even eat his Stinky GoodnessÖI canít remember the last time I didnít want to eat a can of Stinky Goodness, so he must have been really sick!  Then they discover that something is wrong with his pancreas.  I donít know what a pancreas is, but it must be serious if they keep trying to stuff huge pills down his throat.  Been there, done that - way to go for biting your human!

            And if things werenít bad enough, the humans decide they should move again!  I hate moving - nothing is where you want it to be and everything is out of whack.  Itís very stressful for a little kitty, let me tell you. 

            Once again, Max Thompson lays it down with total honesty, especially when he berates humans who think itís okay to abandon their kitties once they become bored with them or they believe the kitties are too much work.  Good for you, Max.  This time around, Max has decided to show off his literary talents by ending each month with a special haiku.  What a literary genius!  Heís such a cultured kitty!  And, of course, I love the question and answer session at the end of the book featuring questions emailed to Max via his blogging site. 

            The PsychoKitty Speaks Out 2: Something of Yours Will Meet A Toothy Death is the perfect book for kitties.  We all need a dose of inspiration and what better than a diary of sorts detailing a kittyís triumph in the face of adversity.  Max Thompson is truly a hero among cats and his book is an inspiration to us all.  I can only hope he continues to write more books.  I have no trouble spending my allowance on such an honest portrayal of a catís life.

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