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July 2011: Smallville: Last Impression

June 2011: I, Mutant: Part 2

April 2009: Father Dearest

April 2009: Strife on Mars

July 2008: How Does That Make You Feel

June 2008: OMG! Iím AFUíd!!

February 2008: College: One Year Later / One Year More Smarter

January 2008: Driving Me Crazy

June 2007: Misery Muse

May 2007: Fishing for Trouble

May 2007: Random Acts V

April 2007: Bone to the Grind

April 2007: Poetry

March 2007: Anna Nicole

February 2007: Paradise

January 2007: Playstation Three Disaster!

December 2006: The Life of Ismael Manzano

December 2006: Religion of Probability

November 2006: If I Was Rich

November 2006: Random Acts of Ismael IV

October 2006: Pop-Eye

October 2006: Eye Spy With My Little Eye

September 2006: Inbred Nation

September 2006: Thirty And Hating It

September 2006: Same-Sex Marriages

August 2006: Going Back To College Is Hard To Do

August 2006: Random Acts of Ismael III

July 2006: A Call To Arms: Boycott Aging

June 2006: Talk Show Deities

June 2006: I, Mutant

May 2006: Smallville: Why Am I Still Watching This?

May 2006: I Probably Hate You Because...

April 2006: Reasons Why I'll Never See Hostel

April 2006: Random Acts of Ismael II

April 2006: Nicole Kidman: Take Tom Cruise Back

March 2006: Violence Begets Violence

March 2006: Movie Preview Misleads

February 2006: Why The WWE Lost a Viewer

February 2006: Why Smallville Would Be Better Without Clark

January 2006: Random Acts of Ismael