Indie Rock

Ready, Aim

Artist: Joshua Fletcher

Produced by: In Music We Trust

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                Joshua Fletcher was born and raised in Georgia, but Nashville has become his musical home.  Raised on punk and eventually becoming a fan of country music, Fletcher has quite a mix of musical influences that guide him in creating his own music.  Joshua Fletcher's first full length album, Ready, Aim, reached me through the efforts of Alex Steininger and I couldn't wait to take a listen.

                The music of Ready, Aim is indie rock with a taste of folk.  The vocals of Fletcher are incredibly reminiscent of Adam Duritz of Counting similar in fact that I did a double take when I first heard it, wondering where I had heard this voice before.  The underlying theme of the album is relationships experienced over the course of a life...Fletcher's life: "The album wasn't written with any theme in mind, but over the past few years I've gotten away from writing to blame others and turned my gaze inward.  Most of the songs that sound like they're about someone else are really about me."

                Though there are sad undertones to some of the songs, others feel incredibly uplifting thanks to the upbeat rhythms.  The songs have their ups and downs just like life.  One minute we're listening to a song about love, the next about loss, the next about depression, the next about self-reflection and hope...all performed with that soulful sound of Joshua Fletcher's vocals and that trippy folk/indie music.

                I was intrigued enough by Joshua Fletcher's musical tastes and backgrounds to want to listen to Ready, Aim.  The music and lyrics kept me listening and Fletcher's vocals made me want to listen again.  With such a professional sound that made me wonder if I had already heard some of these songs on mainstream radio before, if this is Fletcher's first full length album, I can't wait to hear more from this artist!


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