Real Humans

Composed By: Rikard Borggård

Distributed by: MovieScore Media/Kronos Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Real Humans is a critically acclaimed Swedish science fiction television series set in an alternate future version of Sweden in which consumer-level humanoid robotic workers and servants are widespread.  The series follows emotional effects on two families and a group of androids, or Hubots, who have attained free will and seek out their freedom from human ownership.  The show has recently completed its second season.

                The musical score of Real Humans was created by Swedish composer, and joint artistic director of Teater Giljotin, Rikard Borggård.  Enjoying International success as a composer in television and film, Borggård also composes music for the theatre and ballet.

                Real Humans is a futuristic television show and thus, the musical score is futuristic, featuring electronica mixed with orchestral sound.  While the entire album is enjoyable, certain tracks on the twenty track Real Humans Soundtrack stand out.  Introducing Mimi features somewhat fast-paced electronica and ambient sound (somewhat resembling breathing at one point).  The Family features a soft piano theme that turns ominous towards the end.  By the Lake is a mix of piano and strings with ominous electronic sounds.  Leo and Carl has a more urban, faster-paced electronic sound.  Evacuation begins in a fast-paced format with percussion and quick piano strikes offering up a sense of urgency.  But as the track plays on, ominous electronic undertones take over with sudden electronic noises and sounds that will make the listener jump, wondering what is going on.

                The Real Human Soundtrack features a unique blend of electronic, ambient and orchestral sound.  Rikard Borggård's experimentation with blending soft piano themes with contrasting low-registry ominous electronic sound leads to a strikingly dramatic sound.  There is a sense of urgency and danger mixed in throughout the score, inspiring the listener to want to see the television series so they can understand the full depth of what is going on in each track.  The Real Humans Soundtrack is definitely a must have for fans of the television series and well worth the listen for anyone who has never seen it.


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