Original Writing

Is Your Life Really That Bad?

By Jon Minners

I donít have a girl
I donít have that love
I donít have someone to hold
I donít have that hug
I donít have my Saturday nights
I donít have my sex at nights
I donít have a filled heart
I donít have a lot

But then I realize
As I watch everyone cry
9-11; when so many died
Katrina and so many lost lives
Tsunamis, London Bombings
Lost fathers, mothers, children, husbands and wives
I didnít lose a thing
Know no one involved in those things
Iím lucky; fortunately
But hurt by my thoughts
And wondering
Complaining about what I donít have
When so many have less
Taking for granted what
Others address
A home, friends and family
It took a tragedy for me to see
It took more; an anniversary to see
Tears streaming down faces
And pain in their soul
And Iím complaining
About missing my goals

I have my life
I have my health
I have shelter
I have what others call wealth
I have great friends
I have a wonderful family
I have so much
That God has given to me
When I complain
When I feel cursed
I need to sit down and realize
It could have been worse

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