Recycling Lily

Music Composed By: Philipp Schweidler and Moritz Schneider

Distributed by: MovieScore Media/Kronos Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the romantic comedy Recycling Lily, Bruno Cathomas is Hansjörg Stähli a garbage inspector obsessed with meticulously following the rules of his job.  His attention to duty is challenged when Stähli finds himself falling in love with Lily (Johanna Bantzer), the mother of a notorious litterbug.

                The musical score of Recycling Lily was created by the composing team of Swiss musician, producer and recording engineer Philipp Schweidler and Swiss composer Moritz Schneider.  Schneider has been composing music for feature films since 2005 and received award winning recognition for the work he did on the musical score of Breakout.  in addition to performing, producing and recording, Philipp Schweidler owns his own recording and production studio, aptly named Department Of Noise.

                As expected, the Recycling Lily Soundtrack contains comedic cues like the twinkling of piano keys and quick, short strokes on strings.  But there is more to this soundtrack than I expected.  The album opens with Nobody's Perfect, a song performed by William White that seems to tell the story of the film.  "Nobody's perfect says the fish who couldn't swim / Nobody's perfect says the champ who didn't win...Sometimes you're stumblin' all around / You've lost the path your on / Just look around and realize / That you are not alone."  Sure, the characters in this film have issues, but they discover that there are others who have issues as well.  Nobody's perfect after all.

                The rest of the score features a mix of what I like to call "recycled music".  One minute you hear the lazy summer guitar sound of Sleep Walk and the next you hear the sounds of a spaghetti western or an action film from the late 60s/early 70s, complete with the ominous eminent showdown whistle. 

                The Recycling Lily Soundtrack is a lot of fun to listen to.  It really inspires you to want to know exactly what this movie is all about.  I couldn't wait to see the trailer once I listened to the album and, now that I have, I would love to see the film in its entirety.  What I did get to see in addition to the score that I had already listened to leads me to believe that Recycling Lily is one helluva funny film.


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