Red Sky

Music Composed By: Timothy Williams

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In the straight-to-DVD action thriller, Red Sky, former Top Gun fighter pilot Butch Masters (Cam Gigandet) is still working to clear his name seven years after a bombing mission causes American casualties.  His only hope is to take on a secret off the records mission in Iran with a rogue group of retired pilots.  The mission is to destroy a terrorist camp in Northern Iran, but what will Butch do when he discovers that his old wingman (Shane West) is now his greatest enemy?

            The musical score of Red Sky was created by Timothy Williams, an accomplished composer, orchestrator and pianist.  After studying music in Canada, Williams returned to the place of his birth to work for the BBC as a copyist and orchestrator.  A few years later, Timothy Williams returned to Canada to write the musical Napoleon.  Eventually, Williams would move to Los Angeles, where he has composed music for a number of well-known films, like The Mulberry Tree, Walking With the Enemy and The Butterfly Circus and extra music for notable films such as 300, Watchmen, Doomsday and more.

            With former Top Gun pilots and a top secret mission, it's no wonder that the musical score of Red Sky would contain nods toward the military and a fast-paced action sound.  But there are also softer, more emotional moments in the score.  According to Williams, "[Director] Mario Van Peebles was very passionately involved with the score, and wanted to focus not just on the action and the espionage, but the relational and emotional music.  For him the quieter cues were as important if not more important than the full on action cues

            Action sequences feature horn fanfare, quick string stokes and fast-paced percussion.  More emotional, dramatic sequences feature softer tones and, depending on what the scene shows, more ominous undertones or lighter, happier notes.  Always in the background is a nod toward the locale of the film which Williams achieved by using ethnic drums, the duduk and the ney.  In this way, Williams brings us to the various exotic locales of the film such as Russia and the Middle East.

                The Red Sky Soundtrack features a great action score interspersed with some more dramatic moments, depicting the emotional struggle of a pilot who has lost everything and been given an opportunity to get it back...but at what cost?  Timothy Williams has definitely created a score that will accentuate the action and drama of the film and just happens to be great as a stand alone album.


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