Redwall: Book Three

Author:  Brian Jacques

Published By: Firebird

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            After the exciting cliffhanger ending of Book Two of Redwall by Brian Jacques, I couldnít wait to read the final chapter.  Having read other books about the Redwall Abbey, I had an idea of how the book was going to end, but itís the getting there that makes it fun.  Thus, it was time to open up the final book in my Redwall 25th Anniversary Collectorís Edition set.  It was time to read Redwall: Book Three.

            When we last left Redwall Abbey, Cluny the Scourge had begun a renewed effort in his attacks on the Abbey.  This time he was conducting a two-pronged, focusing mainly on tunneling under the Abbey, while putting up the appearance of trying to bust through the main gate.

            Meanwhile, the warrior mouse Matthias, believed to be the descendant of Martin the Warrior, had left the Abbey in search of the ancient sword of Martin.  Hoping to use this sword to turn back Cluny the Scourge and his band of ruffians, Martin knew that he was facing unbeatable odds.  The last time the sword had been seen, it was in the possession of an adder named Asmodeus, one of the most deadly snakes ever to roam the outskirts of Redwall Abbey.

            Can Matthias defeat the adder and regain possession of the sword and, even if he does, can the sword actually help him to defeat Cluny the Scourge and his army?

            The third and final installment of Redwall is by far the most intense and action-filled.  Every chapter features action and adventure and I fairly flew through the pages in record time.  I enjoyed every battle, especially the scenes in which the residents of Redwall Abbey found a way time and time again to defeat Cluny, despite his craftiness.

            The basic moral of this story is that strength of character, righteousness and perseverance will always win out over evil.  This may sound trite, but I truly believe in the message, so aptly woven into this fantasy tale.

            The 25th Anniversary Collectorís Edition of Redwall features a look at the man behind the Redwall series, Brian Jacques, written by Patricia Lee Gauch, a writer of childrenís stories in her own right.  It was interesting to learn that writing had not been his original passion.  His heart was not in school, another interesting tidbit and one,  considering his writing style, that I would have never guessed at.  In fact, he left school to pursue his true passion, sailing.  This explains quite a bit - if you have ever read any of Jacques other Redwall adventures, you would notice that a good deal of them take place at sea.  I truly enjoyed this little extra included in the book as it helped me gain a better understanding of the author.

            All-in-all, the story of Redwall is an engaging and intriguing tale for anyone, both young and old.  The action and adventure of the tale are captivating and the characters are easy to relate to, despite their outward appearances.  I loved reading this series and canít wait to get my hands on further adventures of Redwall.


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