Original Writing

No Reflection in the Mirror

By JP Messiah

I was thinking; Just the other day
Why could I no longer; Get my way
I thought I; Was the king
Messiah wasnít just; A nickname thing
But I am learning; Now awfully quick
The me today; Does not do the trick

Looked in the mirror today; There was no reflection above my sink
Nothing there; And it made me think
Back in the days; I was such a geek
Young, confused, silent; Smart, nice, but meek
Invisible then; no one saw; The real me inside
Couldnít let it out; No matter how I tried

Then I drank beer; Smoked weed til I was sick
But guess what; It certainly did the trick
Do the bad; And girls come quick
Couldnít get any before; Now all flocked to my dick
Like I was Mandingo; And this was a porn
I was suddenly wanted; My ego was born

Girls, girls and girls all around me; Being the bad guy
Was working well for me; But then I grew up
And so did the others; Now it took more
To find eager lovers; Another change and another
And one more at that; Until I realized
What they wanted I had; They just wanted me

Just me, who I be; Til I realized
I couldnít see me; Iíve been changing
And adapting; And changing so much
Iíve used all the changes; Like a broken manís crutch
And now that all it takes; Is to just be JP
The Messiah must go; And Minners must be

I must take a trip; Time to be alone
Must be with myself; Take my long journey home
A path to discovery; A journey I take
Where I shed my skin; And get rid of the fake
So when I look in the mirror; I can be who I be
I can enjoy looking; And be happy with me

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