Musical Score By: Gregory Tripi

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


               In the science fiction thriller, Rememory, Peter Dinklage is Sam Bloom, a man haunted by the car accident he experienced in which his brother was killed.  One year after the accident, Gordon Dunn (Martin Donovan), the creator of technology that allows one to extract memories and watch them on an external device, mysteriously dies.  Bloom sets out to solve the mystery about Dunnís death by using his own memory machine, but will he really want to experience the memories locked away in this machine?

               The musical score of Rememory as created by American composer and multi-instrumentalist Greg Tripi.  Owner of eSonic Productions, Tripi has composed score for film, television, video games and commercials.  Some of his works include the musical score of Dark Places, The Knick, Drive, Contagion, Drag Me to Hell, Twisted Metal, Far Cry 4 and Manhunt: Unabomber.

               As I listened to the Rememory Soundtrack, I was taken with the electronic sound of synths which gave me the feel of a digitized future, but also had a retro feel that perhaps represented looking into your past through memories.  Reverb would also represent the memories being viewed and I could picture the reverb playing in the background as one viewed the contents of the memory machine.  As the movie moves forward, the score becomes more dramatic, featuring some strings with sad melodies that go along with the dramatic revelations uncovered by Sam.

               The music of Rememory was actually so interesting, I had to know what the film was about.  Watching the promos and listening to the score has inspired me to watch the film.  Look for the movie review soon, but while you are waiting, listen to the score Greg Tripi created for the film Ė you wonít be disappointed.


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