Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition


Distributed by: Capcom


Reviewed by Frank L. Ocasio


             When Resident Evil 4 was released for the Gamecube, it didn't quite make the noise Capcom had hoped for. Yes, those who played it will agree that it is one of the best games out there (at least it was at that time and still plucks all the right heart strings as soon as a fan shoots their first hatchet out of the air after a long while). The real reason why this powerhouse of graphics and ridiculous, endless, inescapable action didn't get the reaction Capcom had hoped for is this: the Nintendo Gamecube didn't get around as much as it could've, and so, the game didn't meet a wide user base. Unfortunate for Nintendo, and for anyone who didn't have the pleasure of completely wasting their summer saving the President's daughter, Ashley Graham, from a creepy town of crazy folk.

             But you just might be in luck. Did you not own a Gamecube? Did you miss out on the phenomenon that was/is Resident Evil 4? Do you own a Nintendo Wii, and have an extra 30 bucks? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you have absolutely no reason to not buy Resident Evil 4 for the Wii. Seriously, someone will slap you if you don't.

            I know what you're thinking: "This is just another Gamecube game ported to the Wii, like Twilight Princess!" To this, I say you're right. It is a port of a Gamecube game. However, unlike ports to other systems, there's more to rely on than just the graphics. With the Wii, there's the Wii-mote, and just as the Wii Remote made the Wii version of Twilight Princess a very different experience from the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess, so does the Wii Remote work its magic on Resident Evil 4. Here's how:

             To aim your cross hairs, you simply aim your Wii-mote at your screen. You fire with the A button on your Wii-mote (after taking aim by holding B). You reload by flicking (not throwing--not ever throwing) your Wii-mote. And you move with your nunchuk. What all of this does is create a control scheme that feels incredibly natural and frighteningly like the next generation of FPS's. Unlike other FPS's where your target has to be at the center of your screen, you can have Leon aim anywhere on your TV, allowing for faster decisions, incredible precision, and overall good times. Can't see around the wood post in front of you? Well, don't sidle around it. Just turn a little and aim around it! Easy! Leon responds to your hand speed and your inaccuracy. The Wii-mote even vibrates when you fire, adding the tiniest bit of shock to realistically throw off your follow-up shots. So in the end, what does all of this spell? 10. 

            Unfortunately for Leon S. Kennedy, he's still trapped in the same sub-par story line as he was on the Gamecube. Wii-mote or not, he's still out to save the President's kidnapped daughter from "the Los Illuminados" (that's "the The Illuminados"), and he still embarks on a journey that's way more action than it is plot. The story gets a 3 because it still won't impress you. It won't really impress you at all. The best thing the story does is raise interesting questions, but that's a bad thing considering it doesn't answer any of the interesting questions we thought it would in the first place.

             The graphics are still sweet, but they're not on par with next gen anymore. If you keep in mind that it's a port of a game that's already 2 years old though, you may be able to settle for pretty damn awesome instead of cursing an old dog for being old. 

            You can curse the music though if you really want to curse something. It's not horrible, but it's not good enough to have you humming either. 

            But these are flaws that are heavily out-weighed by the tons of good times you'll have playing Resident Evil 4 for the Wii. Especially if you've never played or owned this multi-Game of the Year Award winning masterpiece. If you have owned Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube, you'll probably want to skip out on it for the Wii, unless you'd really love another run through with completely revamped, sweet controls. But if you haven't, you will make babies around the nation cry by skipping out on this game again. You've been warned. 

            One more thing before I quit: For anyone who's curious, this edition of Resident Evil 4 has all of the added content from the Playstation 2 and PC versions of the game. Added content which, by the way, is totally sweet, and nearly enough to warrant Gamecube owners forking over the extra dough. I mean, you can play as Ada Wong and find out what actually happened to Jack Krauser. Come on. Think of the babies.

Grading: On a Scale From 1-10, 10 Being the Best

Storyline: 3
Music: 4
Graphics: 8
Controls: 10
Overall Gameplay: 10



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