Movie Soundtrack

Rest Stop: Don't Look Back

Composed by: Bear McCreary

Distributed by: La-La Land Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back is the straight-to-video release sequel of the horror film Rest Stop.  In this sequel, a soldier named Tom (Richard Tillman) returns home on a furlough and enlists his girlfriend Marilyn (Jessie Ward) and friend Jared (Graham Norris) to aide him on a personal mission.  Tom’s brother Jesse (Joey Mendicino) and his girlfriend Nicole (Julie Mond) have been missing for over a year and Tom is determined to find them and bring them home.  Their search leads them to the very same rest stop Jesse and Nicole fell victim to in the previous film.  Can the trio survive the terrors that await them at the Rest Stop?

            Having composed the soundtrack for the original Rest Stop movie, it seems only natural that Bear McCreary should return to compose the soundtrack for the sequel.  McCreary is known as one of the top young composers working in the film industry. Most recognized for his work on the Battlestar Galactica Soundtracks, McCreary has also composed musical score for Eureka, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Wrong Turn 2.

            The soundtrack of Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back has a very backwoods feel supplied by the use of banjos and fiddles, but what stands out on this soundtrack are the rocking guitar riffs.  Scenes featuring action, murder and mayhem feature some very heavy electric guitar.  Distorted banjos and fiddles not only serve to create the backwoods feel, but also send chills up the spine of the listener, supplying an eerie feel to the soundtrack.

            Once again, Bear McCreary enlists the aide of Brendan McCreary’s vocals, writing the music and lyrics for Rattlesnake on the Highway, the first song on the soundtrack.  Bear also enlists the vocals of Rev. Buford “Buck” Davis and His Minstrel Singers for a song entitled Jesus, He Forgives You Too.  This track and another featured in the bonus track section of the album features somewhat funny yet oft offensive lyrics.  Picture White Supremacists singing redneck country.  Also featured in the six-song bonus track section is a song that has been used by Bear McCreary for his Battlestar Galactica soundtracks – All That Remains by Raya Yarbrough.

            Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back is an enjoyable album.  I believe it to be a perfect soundtrack for the movie – Bear McCreary does it yet again!  Fans of rock will certainly enjoy the guitar riffs and lengthy rock tracks.  You may even enjoy the two songs sung by Rev. Buford if you can get past the offensive stuff.  Whether you have seen the movie or not, the Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back Soundtrack would make a great addition to your music collection.


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