The Returned

Composed By: Jonathan Goldsmith

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the horror thriller The Returned, we are introduced to a post-zombie apocalypse.  Yes, there were zombies, but scientists have found a cure - a protein that, when introduced into the bloodstream of an infected host, keeps the infection away.  The drawback is that a new dosage must be administered every 24 hours.  There are many who believe that the infected should be destroyed, especially when the protein used to keep the disease at bay starts to become a rare commodity.  For musician Alex (Kris Holden-Ried), a man who has successfully held back the disease for six years, and Kate (Emily Hampshire), a leading doctor in the zombie field, the lack of the special zombie curing protein can prove as devastating as being hunted by haters of The Returned.

                The musical score of The Returned was created by Canadian musician, arranger, producer and composer Jonathan Goldsmith.  Best known as a composer for television and film, Goldsmith has created musical scores for Pit Pony, Dead Silence, The Nativity, Take This Waltz, Rare Birds, Casino Jack, Cell 213 and more.

                The score of The Returned is mainly electronic, featuring synthesized keyboards, percussion and other sounds.  Reverb and ambient sound offers up a slightly futuristic styling to this score, as well as adding a sense of urgency.  The score is mostly dark until you reach the track of Mercy, which, through the use of keyboards presents the possibility of an uplifting moment in the film.  Shortly afterward, we are greeted with two tracks of fast-paced orchestral score featuring strings and rumbling percussion, possibly describing a positive outcome, although one can never be sure. 

                The Returned is one of those soundtracks that will induce nail-biting, perfect for the horror/thriller movie it was created for.  Jonathan Goldsmith did an excellent job in using the music to describe the futuristic drama of finding and losing a cure for what could only be considered a disastrous plague, the harshness of a humanity that no longer believes in keeping everyone alive and the horror at finding your only cure may no longer exist.  The Returned Soundtrack is an interesting listen for any fan of horror scores - a different and welcome skew on what a horror movie score should sound like.


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