Fan Fiction


A Return to Hell

by Melissa Minners

Disclaimer and Other Information:  It should be noted that all of the characters and many of the locales in this fan fiction are not mine.  They are owned by The WB.  This fan fiction is somewhat of an homage to the series, though I have used a little liberty here with events.  The story takes place some time after No Kill Policy, so if you haven't read that particular fanfic, I suggest you do before reading this one.  Warning: Parts of this fanfic may be graphic at times. Reader's discretion is advised. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter Three

            “Huntress, Dinah, head over to Winthrop and Adams.  Burglar alarm.”

            Huntress smiled as Oracle’s voice rang in her ears.  She’d been waiting for a call all night while wandering the rooftops of New Gotham in the glowing light from the near full moon.  She loved prowling the nights, racing from rooftop to rooftop, soaring high over New Gotham.  It was a feeling of freedom few could ever understand. 

The euphoria could only be heightened by the calls she received from Oracle.  It gave her a rush – the sense of urgency, the race against time, the rush into danger.  One wrong step, one second wasted, one missed opportunity – it could all spell disaster for her.  She loved every second and, despite her protests, she just couldn’t get enough of it. 

I’m on it,” she said, acknowledging Oracle as she dove three stories to the next rooftop.

* * *  

Gotcha,” Dinah answered Oracle’s call, struggling to keep her voice steady.  Inside, she was trembling with excitement.  She made a left turn and sent the Hummer barreling down the street, rushing to the crime scene.  There were times she wished she didn’t need the car – that she had superhuman speed or the ability to fly.  But for now, the powers she had were difficult enough to handle and she would accept being at the mercy of an engine-based mode of transportation.

She heard Huntress acknowledge Oracle and could actually picture the ear to ear grin she was sporting as she soared high above New Gotham.  Dinah knew the feeling well, the wind from the open windows whipping her hair back as she sped into danger, senses heightened, pulse racing, a feeling of vulnerability mixed with a sense of  daring invincibility. 

And afterwards – after a job well-done – the feeling she got.  Not just a sense of accomplishment, but so much more.  Dinah loved the feeling she got from helping someone – even if that someone didn’t know that they were being helped.  She didn’t know if Huntress felt the same way.  In fact, Dinah knew that Huntress often times got frustrated with that part of the life.  The lack of recognition for the pain and sacrifices involved in keeping the innocent citizens of New Gotham safe sometimes got to Huntress.  But Dinah didn’t mind the anonymity, and she believed in that respect, she and Oracle were very much alike.

* * * 

Huntress landed on the rooftop of the New Gotham Pawn Shop and immediately went into a crouch.  There was a lookout man on the corner and she didn’t want to be spotted just yet.  Then she realized that Dinah should be arriving in any minute and she didn’t have the luxury of leaping to rooftops for concealment.

Dinah, there’s a look...”  Huntress stopped in mid-sentence as the lookout man disappeared. 

What the hell?

She’d only looked away for a second, but in that second, Dinah had used her telekinetic powers to yank the man around the corner and into a street pole.  Huntress, leaning over the roof on that side of the street, spotted the lookout man lying face down at Dinah’s feet. 

Nice work, Kid,” Huntress said, a smile born of pride spreading across her features.  Dinah was definitely picking up the finer points of stealth and Huntress took the credit for imparting that bit of knowledge.

I really wish you would stop calling me that!” Dinah growled into her comms, brow furrowed and eyes blazing.  She deliberately shot a glare at the rooftop of the pawn shop.  “I’m not a kid.  Now, if you’re done resting, we have a job to do.”

Dinah headed around the corner to the front of the shop, a look of determination on her face.  She shot out her hand and the pawn shop door flew open on its hinge, startling the two thieves inside. 

Dinah!  Wait up!”  Huntress leapt off the roof, dropping neatly in front of the open door.  She rushed inside and joined the battle already in progress.

Nice of you to join me,” Dinah yelled as she ducked the wild punch thrown by one of the two black clad thieves.  “I was wondering if you were feeling up to it – old bones and all…”  She drew out her expandable baton and flicked it open.

Huntress noted Dinah had chosen to engage the larger of the two – the one brandishing the crowbar.  She shook her head as she positioned herself between Dinah and the other criminal – smaller, but not much smaller, and no less menacing - as he attempted to attack Dinah from her blind side. 

Huntress wondered when Dinah was going to grow out of this competitive air she had adopted on sweeps.  For some reason, Dinah always believed she had something to prove to Huntress, but, although she’d never admit it to Dinah’s face, Huntress felt she had already proven herself.  Dinah had amazing powers that she was only yet discovering and learning to control, but that wasn’t what Huntress admired most about the teen.  Dinah had Huntress’ back – she could trust her – and she would never back down, no matter what the danger.  These qualities were important to Huntress – to know she could count on Dinah, no matter what.

Positioned back to back, Dinah and Huntress faced their enemies.  Huntress’ attacker launched himself first.  What he lacked in weaponry, he made up for in fighting prowess, coming in with a flurry of blows.  Dinah’s adversary took that moment to launch his own attack, swinging high with the crowbar.   Dinah gripped the baton in both hands and blocked blow, twisting under the crowbar and poking her assailant in the face with the butt of her baton.  As he pin-wheeled backward in pain, Dinah sprang after him.

Huntress, what’s going on?” Oracle’s voice rang in Huntress’ ear as she blocked a kick to the right side of her head.

We’re a little busy right now.  Try back later!” Huntress replied as she wrapped her right arm around the leg she just blocked and pulled backward, causing her attacker to lose his balance and land on his back. 

Dinah’s adversary had recovered his balance and was wiping away the blood that had spurted from his nose as a result of Dinah’s counter attack.  He looked at the blood for an instant as if it were something foreign to him.  Then, with renewed fury, he swung the crowbar at Dinah’s midsection.  The blow narrowly missed and Dinah took advantage of the thug’s forward momentum.  Swinging the baton around to his left, she swung down with all her might at the back of his right calf.  As he fell to his knee, Dinah brought the baton up in a two-handed blow to the chin, sending him reeling backwards.  Before he could raise himself up off the floor, Dinah was there, dealing the final blow with the baton, knocking him unconscious.

Meanwhile, Huntress’ adversary had righted himself and was preparing a renewed attack.  Huntress crossed her arms and shook her head.

Ya know, you really just should have stayed down.”

The right punch he threw was his last.  Huntress blocked the blow and slid her left arm around his, locking it firmly under her armpit.  She thrust upward with the heel of her right hand, connecting with the thief’s jaw.  She launched a quick jab to the midsection with her right fist, and then caught the man’s face full on with her right forearm as he was jerked forward by the force of the blow.  He crumpled to the floor, through with fighting for the day.

Huntress stood over the man as he lost consciousness.  “Why is it men never listen to women’s advice?

“Huntress?  Dinah?  Will someone tell me what’s going on!”  Oracle’s voice rang in both of their ears.

Dinah grinned at Huntress.  Oracle was clearly angry, but Dinah couldn’t resist gloating.

We’re done here, Oracle.  You can send in the cleaning crew.”

Huntress was busy inspecting the blood her prey had sprayed on the front of her shirt when she struck him with her forearm.  “Speaking of cleaning – I should take the money outta this guy’s wallet for my cleaning bill.  How the hell am I supposed to explain this?

Dinah shrugged, turned to leave, then tossed over her shoulder, “Rough date?

They left the New Gotham Pawn Shop laughing, Huntress giving Dinah a playful push before launching herself back up to the shop’s roof.  Dinah headed back to the car as Barbara called them back to the Clocktower. 

Neither of them noticed the black Firebird with the tinted windows parked across the street from the pawn shop.  As Huntress and Dinah left the scene of the crime they had prevented, the occupant of the Firebird relaxed her grip on the steering wheel.  She realized she had been holding her breath the whole time the two had been in the shop.  Letting it out slowly and taking another deep breath, she started up the engine and pulled away from the curb, driving off into the night.                                                                  

* * * 

Harley was so happy at this moment.  It was as if all her dreams were about to be realized.  She hadn’t been certain that Robert was up to the task of breaking her out of Arkham, but he proved more violent than she could ever imagine.  Summoning the guard to her cell on the pretense that she was ill, Robert slipped behind the guard as he peered into the plexi-glass prison and broke his neck.

All on a suggestion from me!  Who needs hypnotic eyes?  I have him wrapped around my little finger, the fool!

He used the guard’s security pass to release her from the hateful plexi-glass prison.  She smiled in gratitude and asked him to help her move the guard into the cell.  Robert was confused as to why they needed to lock the dead man inside the cell, but Dr. Quinzel had always known what was best.  Who was he to question her now?  He turned his back to Harley, who had removed the baton from the guard’s belt and was busying herself twirling it in her hand.  The moment he turned his back, Harley pounced on him, striking Robert again and again with the baton until he stopped moving.  She stood over Robert’s body and wiped the blood spatters from her face.

I guess we won’t be needing to have that little group session after all, huh, Robert?”  She giggled, nudging the bloody form with her foot.  She bent down and retrieved the security pass Robert had dropped on the floor. 

Careless boy,” she admonished, good-naturedly.  “Can’t leave this thing laying around.  What if one of the nuts in this place got a hold of it?  Hmm?”  She laughed heartily at the suggestion.

Ah!  Free at last!!!  Now to find my beloved Mr. J!!  I’m coming, sweetheart!



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