Revise Your Maps

Artist: John Moen

Produced by: Jealous Butcher Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                Born in Minnesota and raised in Oregon, John Moen has been a part of the Portland, Oregon music scene since the 1980s.  A talented musician who has performed with over twenty bands, Moen can play drums, banjo, melodica and keyboard.  On July 25, 2013, John Moen released his second solo album under the name Perhapst entitled Revise Your Maps.

                The musical sound of Revise Your Maps is sometimes reminiscent of early British Invasion and the falsetto vocals and harmonies definitely remind one of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  There is a folksy rock sound to Perhapst and each song tells a story.  Unfortunately, the falsetto of John Moen can sometimes make it hard to ascertain what that story is when you listen to the album for the first time.  Once you get a feel for his sound, though, you start to realize just what each song means.

                The album's first track, Birds Off a Wire could be interpreted in two ways - is this a song from one lover to another or is this a stalker song?  The title track of the album discusses love lost in a metaphorical sense: "Revise your maps...the color is blue."  Your maps indicates your emotions and the color is blue would be the sadness experienced when love is over.  True Sparrow is a tad haunting and contains a psychedelic enhanced sound.

                Most of the songs on the thirteen track album are a bit melancholy and the lyrics are a bit difficult to decipher at first, but it's the music that you'll want to purchase this album for.  The music is amazing giving listeners a true sense of the veteran performer that is John Moen.  Revise Your Maps may not be something right up your alley at first glance, but after your second listen, you'll find it grows on you to the point that you'll want to own this album outright.


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