Artist: Rew

Produced by: LuvRew Publishing

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When I received That*S*rite by artist Rew for review, I wondered what I was getting myself into.  With songs like u suck, u annoy me and skeletonz combined with the promotional material provided, I knew that this was an artist who saw things in a very different light.  Billed as a 70s punk rock icon for today, Rew has performed with such well-known artists as Regina Spektor, Joey Ramone, Patti Smith, and the Spin Doctors

            Plugging this CD into my player, I was prepared for a very different musical style than I was used to.  I was well-prepared.  Rew's music is definitely 70s punk influenced.  Each song tells a story.  The lyrics are not terribly sophisticated, but sometimes you donít have to be sophisticated to get a point across. 

            Taking a break from this review, I have to say that reviewing music is not easy.  Iíve always thought that honesty is the best policy.  Of course, this flies in the face of what my mother always used to say: ďIf you canít say something nice, then donít say anything at all.Ē  Then again, she never followed this advice either.  Hopefully this will explain the rest of this review.

            While I can applaud Rewís attempt at dealing with everyday issues in her life, the lyrics definitely need some work.  The explicit lyrics that are often associated with punk music are really unnecessary.  The music is enjoyable, but the singing is just outrageous.  Punk is known to be off-key, but not so much that you cringe.  I can say that I did enjoy the song u suck, only because I know people just like the individual Rew is singing about in this song.  The premise is simply I hate you, but I need somebody, so I might as well bed you.  Of course, the lyrics are a lot more explicit, but they get the point across.

            Diehard punk fans might really enjoy this album.  Unfortunately, although I did enjoy some punk music that I listened to in the 70s, I can honestly say that I didnít enjoy this That*S*Rite.  The music is great, but the rest needs some work.  And thatís my honest opinionÖLook Mom, I did say something nice!

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