First Impressions


Aired on: The CW

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Contrary to the many Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans in my life, Iím not a big fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar.  I never found her to be much of an actress on the show and found that she usually chose movie roles that allowed her to act in much the same way.  Thus, I was not really excited by the premiere of Ringer, a new television series that debuted on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 9PM EST.  I was over-ruled however and found myself in front of the television with The CW tuned in to watch the first episode.

            Ringer stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as Bridget Kelly, a former stripper with an addiction issue.  When we meet her, she is in police protective custody, preparing to testify as a witness to the murder of another stripper by a mobster club-owner.  In a last minute panic, Bridget decides to escape, heading to New York to see Siobhan Martin (also played by Gellar), the twin sister she hasnít seen in six years.  The audience senses  great strain between the two characters and a hint as to why the sisters havenít been seen - something that happened between Bridget and someone named Sean.

            When the two meet, Siobhan reveals that she hasnít told her husband about Bridget, but claims to forgive Bridget for all of her past issues.  The two go on a boat ride and Bridget falls asleep.  When she wakes up, Siobhan is gone, presumably having jumped overboard and committed suicide.  On the run from the law and a mobster, Bridget decides to assume Siobhanís identity, but Bridget soon learns that her sisterís seemingly wonderful life is anything but.  Her marriage to millionaire Andrew Martin (Ioan Gruffudd) is cold and seemingly loveless.  Siobhan, herself, is apparently having an affair with her best friendís husband (Kristoffer Polaha).  And then there is the haunting memory of Sean who we learn is a little boy, nowhere to be seen.

            When an attack is made on Bridgetís life, she discovers that the murdererís real target was not Bridget at all but Siobhan.  Add to that the mysterious appearance of a rather alive Siobhan somewhere in France and the interesting phone call she receives after the failed hit claiming ďwe have a problem.Ē  Is that a reference to the botched hit?  Was Siobhan trying to have Bridget killed?  And who the hell is Sean and what is his relation to the trouble between the two sisters?

            Rumor has it that CBS developed Ringer and then turned it down, prompting The CW to swoop in and scoop it up.  Although there may be a shelf life for this show once all of the mysteries are revealed, thereís still a great deal of mystery surrounding the characters in this series yet to be revealed and I found myself intrigued in spite of myself.  I surprisingly found that I actually liked the performance of Sarah Michelle Gellar and she had plenty of opportunity to show a different side, playing twins who look exactly alike, but are nothing alike in attitude or nature.  Plus, for some reason, I got a kick out of the way the scenes featuring both twins were shot. 

            I didnít think Iíd be returning, but I find myself wanting to know more.  Ringer may just be my fall seasonís guilty pleasure and I will be returning to The CW next Tuesday at 9PM to check out another episode.


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