Rise & Fall

Artist: Lucky Day

Produced by: Stewart Myers and Lucky Day

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            When I first heard of the Washington, D.C.-based band Lucky Day, I new this band was destined for great things.  In 2006, I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of their debut EP All My Rainy Days.  Even then, I was impressed by this bandís sound.  The songs sounded familiar to me, as if I had heard them before as background music on a television show.  I remembered thinking that lead singer Victoria Patchen had the vocal strengths of someone who had been in the music business for quite some time.  I was surprised to discover that the band had only hit the music scene in 2005.

            I recently received a copy of their new album, Rise & Fall, and I am just as impressed Ė more so.  This new album, consisting of eight tracks, is even better than the last.  Victoria Patchenís voice seems even stronger this time, its sound very reminiscent to that of Gwen Stefani.  The band has a couple of new members this time around.  Brian Huber, an original member of the band still supplies the guitars and shares writing credits with Patchen.  David Ray joined the band shortly after All My Rainy Days was released and supplies the percussion, drums and vibes.  Newcomer Eric Belec adds a new dimension to Lucky Dayís music with bass and mandolin.  Each member adds to that polish that makes this band sound as if theyíve been on the scene for years.

            The music on Rise & Fall is terrific.  David Ray really knows how to lay down a beat and the guitar riffs by Huber combined with the bass by Patchen create a well-rounded musical experience.  Happily, the music does not overpower Patchenís voice, which still rings clear with intelligently written, poignant vocals.  I love the new sounds that Lucky Day plays with on this album.  The psychedelic moments in Second Last are unexpected and rather interesting.  Every track on this album is highly enjoyable.  In fact, my least favorite track is still not a bad song.  Better is Lucky Dayís stab at country and while I donít think itís horrible, I think the pop genre suits them better.

            The fact that Lucky Day hasnít been signed mystifies me.  Hereís a band that has only been in the music scene for a couple of years, yet they sound more polished than quite a few of the bands featured on major radio stations all across the country.  Lucky Day is definitely a band worthy of some attention from mainstream radio.  If their new album Rise & Fall doesnít prove that, I donít know what will.


Listen to and purchase Lucky Day music at http://www.luckydayband.com/ www.myspace.com/luckydayband, CD Baby and iTunes.

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