The Rise of the Synths

Musical By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The documentary, The Rise of the Synths, is a celebration of the grass-roots music scene known as Synthwave, a blend of modern electronic with 80s pop culture nostalgia.  Over the past two years, Synthwave has been growing, receiving millions of plays on social media.  Synthwave composers are often unknown, living lives behind computer avatars, creating and uploading renditions of 80s-style film scores.  The Rise of the Synths explores the world of these composers and the fans who have joined the wave.

                The Rise of the Synths EP1 is the first of two official companion EPs released by Lakeshore Records, featuring seven tracks of music by some of the Synthwave scene’s most popular artists: Giorgio Moroder & Rayne Shockne, Carpenter Brut, Dance with the Dead, OGRE, Lazerhawk, Mega Drive and Voyag3r.  The music is a nod to the sound Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger, Giorgio Moroder and John Carpenter created in the late 1970s.

                The music found on The Rise of the Synthes EP1 was incredibly enjoyable for me, a music fan who grew up listening to very similar music created in the 70s for horror and science fiction.  Depending on the tone and speed of the underlying theme, this music could be used to accompany any genre of film and the manipulation of sound and reverb can be very dramatic depending on the visuals.  The fact that these folks are creating this music to the visuals they imagine is amazing.  Nostalgic in nature, but at the same time, new to me, each and every song on this seven track EP was exciting and fun.  A great listen for fans of the wave!


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