Roadside Crosses

Written by: Jeffery Deaver

Published By: Simon & Schuster

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            I love Jeffery Deaverís work.  Iíve read every single Lincoln Rhyme story in the master of suspenseís collection.  Every so often, I venture outside the Lincoln Rhyme collection and check out one of Deaverís other novels.  This time around, I decided upon Roadside Crosses.

            This novel features California Bureau of Investigation Agent Kathryn Dance.  A Lincoln Rhyme fan may remember that Kathryn made her first appearance in The Cold Moon.  Sheís a kinesics expert, using what she observes in body language, verbal tone and inflection, etc. to get the truth from her suspects.  Kathryn has just completed a rather difficult case when she is called in to investigate a new serial criminal.  This one leaves roadside crosses as his identifier. 

            As the investigation unfolds, it is believed that the attacks made by the mysterious individual may be linked to a horrific car accident that took the lives of two teenagers.  The driver of the car, Travis Brigham, has become quite the target on the internet over this car accident and becomes even more of a target when it is suggested that he may have had something to do with the recent attacks. 

            What starts out as simple attacks becomes full on murder when their ďRoadside Cross KillerĒ begins shooting and stabbing his victims.  Unfortunately, Kathrynís prime suspect has disappeared and Kathryn is forced to enter the world of cyberspace to track him down.

            Meanwhile, there are troubles on the home front as Kathrynís mother, a nurse in the local hospital is arrested for murder.  It seems that she is the best suspect in the mercy killing of a badly burned police officer and as much as Kathryn wants to believe her mother incapable of murder, she just canít seem to shake the nagging feeling that the arrest may have been warranted.

            Jeffery Deaver is definitely a master of suspense.  He keeps you guessing with every page of this novel.  Roadside Crosses is filled with twists and turns.  Just when I thought I knew who the killer was, I was completely blindsided with a different result.  Just when I had come to terms with this person as the killer, I realize that this individual isnít the right guy either!  How incredibly frustratingÖand tantalizing enough that I hated putting the book down to go to work or sleep. 

            I enjoy the concept of using kinesics to interpret anotherís intentions, whether they actually mean what they are saying.  One sly glance away or a movement of oneís hand while talking could add a completely different meaning to what is coming out of that personís mouth.  Itís a fascinating study.  I loved it when one of the characters said that they should make a television series out of what Dance does - that it would be better than CSI.  Iím sure the creators of the television series Lie to Me were quite happy with that.

            Deaver has done it again - I was totally hooked on this novel, cover to cover.  It took me all of a couple of days to read.  Fast-paced, filled with twists and turns and edge of your seat suspense, Roadside Crosses is just what the thriller novel loverís doctor ordered!


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