Robot Overlords

Composed By: Christian Henson

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the British independent science fiction film, Robot Overlords, Callan McAuliffe is Sean Flynn, a young man living on an Earth occupied by invading robots.  Forced to wear special implants so they can be tracked and controlled, humans are basically prisoners in their own homes until Sean makes an interesting discovery – he can use his implant to interface and control the robots.  Rising as a leader of a human revolt against the robots, can Sean help the citizens of Earth rise up against and defeat their robot overlords?

                The musical score of Robot Overlords was created by British composer Christian Henson.  Having a background in both orchestral and electronic music, Henson has a self-taught approach when working with an orchestra.  He has collaborated with a number of recording artists like Graham Coxon, Dot Allison, Skye and Synergy Vocals and has created musical score for over 45 films like Grabbers, Storage 24, Fresh Meat, Wild Bill, The Devil's Double, Severance, Black Death and Triangle.  He is also the creator of Spitfire Audio, a company that provides composing tools for composers all over the world.

                The Robot Overlords Soundtrack features a hybrid of orchestral and electronic sound, written in the viewpoint of the revolting youth in the film.  According to Henson, “A lot of modern action scores today are descriptive by merely creating a musical impression of what is onscreen. We tried to populate the score with ‘the truth’ for all the players – this means when we are scary, we’re impossibly horrific. When we’re tragic, all is lost. And when we’re heroic, we’re totally shameless. And like all kids, we had the ability to turn our emotions on a six-pence in the moment.”

                The score is adrenaline pumping with fast-paced synths and percussion.  Robots are depicted with electronic sounds that can be quite foreboding as in tracks like Stealth Activities and They Mean Business, a track that gives you the impression these robot invaders are not to be trifled with.  Robot Mischief has a playful tone to it, but most of the album is pretty dramatic and action packed, with the exception of tracks like Dad and Fond Memories which have a sort of wistful longing to them.

                The Robot Overlords Soundtrack makes for quite the interesting listen and I have no doubt that the music serves as both the backdrop for action and the sound effects for the film.  Great job by Christian Henson!


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