Easy Listening

Roslyn Kind: Give Me You/This Is Roslyn Kind

Performed by: Roslyn Kind

Distributed by: Masterworks Broadway

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Actress, singer and songwriter Roslyn Kind, younger half sister of Barbara Streisand, recorded her debut album two months after graduating high school.  The album, Give Me You, was released in 1969.  Her second album, This is Roslyn Kind, was released during the same year.  In September 2014, Masterworks Broadway released a compilation of those two albums in digital and CD format.

                Listening to Roslyn Kind: Give Me You/This Is Roslyn Kind, one can't deny that the singer has an amazingly beautiful voice.  To think this music was recorded shortly after graduating high school gives one pause.  Rosalyn Kind wasn't even reaching her prime as a singer, yet she sounds so professional...as if she had been performing for years. 

                The songs on the album would be considered mostly easy listening, a mix of pop and Broadway with songs written by some notable names like Neil Diamond, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and more.  The lyrics are mostly about romance, either love found, yearned for or lost, with music reminiscent of Diana Ross 60s/70s tracks.  Some of the songs remind me of music I've heard while watching films from the 1970s era.  There are a great many songs I recognized on the album such as The Fool on the Hill, The Playground and Love At Last You Have Found Me.

                Fans of Roslyn Kind will find this album incredibly enjoyable.  I had no idea who Roslyn Kind was before listening to it and I did.  Roslyn Kind's vocals are beautiful and her delivery strong.  The album is well put together and cleaned up nicely.  It will make a great gift for any fan of the singer or the music of the era.


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