Unspeakable Acts

Artist: RPM

Produced by Frank Gryner

Reviewed by Melissa Minners



            RPM is a woman that waits for no one.  When she wanted the world to hear her music, she released her debut album on her own label, 7940 Records, Inc.  The release of Irrational Anthem in June of 2004 proved to the world that RPM was musically, vocally, and lyrically talented.  She didn’t need a break when getting into the music scene - she created her own breaks.  But RPM’s talent is not rooted in music alone.  Soon after the release of her concept EP A Young Person’s Guide To Being American, A&E noted that RPM was talented in other areas as well.  They commissioned her to be Casting Producer of a controversial television reality show named Intervention.  Each episode takes the viewer on a rough ride in the life of an addict who is losing his / her battle with addiction and the families who feel that the last ounce of hope is to stage an intervention.  From drinking to gambling to shopping, Intervention gives the viewer a unique look at what an addict and those around them goes through by giving them a glimpse of the addiction, how it affects those around them and the subsequent attempt at “kicking the habit”. 

            RPM was soon a name on the tongues of players in both the music and television industry.  Her music began receiving play internationally, from college and indie radio in America to MTV Japan to XM Satellite Radio.  Her band was the first act to be booked for the 2005 Locobazooka! United We Rock Concert.  With the three television reality show projects she is currently developing and the tours and concert schedule she has in store for her, it’s a wonder that RPM still has time to write and record such amazing music.  But, much to her avid fans delight, RPM delivers with a new CD entitled Unspeakable Acts.

            Unspeakable Acts proves that RPM isn’t content with singing sappy love ballads or meaningless drivel.  Her lyrics are hard-hitting, addressing controversial topics intelligently and with the idea of getting her thoughts across.  From racial profiling to obsession, RPM proves that no topic is out of her reach.  The vocals in this album drive the message home with a voice that is potent and gritty and intent on being heard.  The music is rock at its best – amazing guitar riffs and incredible drum beats that impact heavily on the listener without overpowering the vocals or the lyrics behind them. 

            Skin Deep, Pretty Little White Girl, This Is Me, Out of Control – every song on this album does more than enough to showcase RPM’s talents.  This music definitely deserves play on the local mainstream stations as well as international venues.  Rock and roll with a message – that’s what RPM does best!

To listen to RPM’s hard-hitting tracks, see her new video for the Japan release of Irrational Anthem, or read the intelligent and at times harsh rants of a rising star, be sure to check out RPM’s website at

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