Ruin Me

Composed By: Holly Amber Church

Distributed by:
Screamworks Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


               In the horror film, Ruin Me, Alexandra (Marcienne Dwyer) is about to embark on a journey with her boyfriend, a Slasher Sleepout, which is something of a crossover between a camping trip, an escape room, a haunted house and a 36-hour endurance trip.  Though she has never seen a horror film before, she reluctantly agrees to accompany her boyfriend on this trip, dubbed The Ultimate Horror Movie Experience.  But when the participants start dropping one by one, Alex must discover who is responsible…before she becomes one of the victims.

               The musical score of Ruin Me was created by American composer Holly Amber Church whose love of music began with James Horner’s score for An American Tale.  She began composing music for the piano at a young age and wrote her first orchestral score by the age of sixteen.  She has created musical score for a number of notable projects, including Archetype, The Devils Dolls, Rites of Springs, Butterfly in the Typewriter and The Toybox.

               According to the composer, “Working with director Preston DeFrancis on the score for Ruin Me was an incredibly fun adventure!  I knew I was in for a treat when Preston shared his vision for the music, including his focus on themes and strong melodic material.  Throughout the film, these themes help tell the story by morphing, melding, twisting and turning – much like the movie does. My hope is that fans of the film will enjoy the experience of the soundtrack album – a different way to go on the thrill ride that is Ruin Me.”

               The Ruin Me Soundtrack begins with a piano and string theme that seems innocent and somewhat melancholy.  Strings, brass and percussion define the fear/horror moments – the strings are fast-paced and high-pitched, the percussion is unnerving as are the loud horn bursts.  Tracks like Alex is Not That Lucky and Tree #4 struck me as a bit strange in that they were softer in tone and almost romantic in cue.  But, true to any horror score composer, Holly Amber Church makes certain that the softer music throughout this soundtrack eventually leads into scares that will sometimes make you jump due to the loud bursts of sound.

               The music of Ruin Me will definitely spook you out.  I listened to it on a dark, rainy morning and I can honestly say that it raised the hairs on my arms.  You’ll be looking over your shoulder if you listen to this as a standalone album, but I’m betting it’s even more impressive when accompanying the visuals of the film.  Excellent score!


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