Runners: The Big Snow Job

Writer/Artist: Sean Wang

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            A while back, introduced you to Sean Wang and his comic book series featuring the hapless adventures of a space-faring group of smugglers entitled Runners.  I loved his graphic novel, Runners: Bad Goods, and couldnít wait for him to create new adventures for Roka, Ril, Bocce, Cember, Bennesuad and Sky.  Recently I received word from Sean Wang that he has begun posting his latest Runners adventure on  I couldnít wait to check it out.

            Things start out with a bang in The Big Snow Job as the team finds themselves pinned down in a firefight with a group of bandit beetles at the Arqq-Olem Port.  We immediately notice a difference in the artwork - Runners: Bad Goods was entirely black and white.  This new story arc is done in color.  Sean Wang explains that he had decided to try out color this time around and I believe it works better for this series.  The color somewhat enhances the characters and brings life to the comicís panels.

            Although I was only treated to a few pages of the new story arc, I am already intrigued.  The first couple of panels show us an unforgiving world where those who are not hardy enough freeze to death in the harsh weather conditions.  How do the Runners find their way onto this planet and will their mission mean the end of some of their members?

            The answers to these questions and more will be answered every Monday and Thursday as Sean Wang posts new pages of his comic book series along with explanations as to his thought process in creating each panel.  I like the additional postings that go along with each panel.  Itís nice to learn what goes on in an artistís mind as he creates his work and it is interesting to discover what influences other works have on this new creation.

            Thanks for the heads up, Sean!  Iíll be heading to every week for my Runners fix!  I canít wait for Runners: The Big Snow Job to appear in graphic novel format!


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