Alternative / Easy Listening Music

Fare Thee Well

Artist: Sandra Phillips

Reviewed by Melissa Minners



            Hailing from St. Louis, Sandra Phillips is a producer, composer, singer and songwriter, who somehow finds some spare time to work on an MBA.  Her music has been well received internationally, finding airplay in the United States, Spain, Europe, Russia, and Germany.  Her music spans the spectrum, from invigorating instrumentals to heartfelt vocals.  Phillips draws on folk music, jazz, pop and more to create a unique and enjoyable sound.  Not only does the singer have two successful albums under her belt, but she is the founder of an online networking community focusing on unsigned artists and bands called IndieByte (formerly 

            Sandra Phillips’ latest CD, Fare Thee Well, is a testimony to her diversity; all three tracks differing in style and tempo.  The title track, Fare Thee Well, is a heart-wrenching tale of love gone wrong.  Phillips’ vocals are slightly altered to add a haunting feeling to the already poignant lyrics, written by David Turner.  Unfeigned Love is an instrumental piece from Phillips’ album Life’s A Journey.  The music has a jazzy feel to it.  At once relaxing and invigorating, the listener will find his / herself moving with the beat.  With the track Entranced, from the album Emotions of Life, Sandra Phillips proves to the world that she has amazing talents in musical composition.

            In short, Sandra Phillips is a force to be reckoned with and someone the mainstream stations need to start taking a look at.   The CD, Fare Thee Well, proves Sandra Phillips’ diversity as a performer and composer.  This is a woman that will most certainly be going places.  Her works are perfect for movie soundtracks or as stand alone singles on easy listening stations.  For a real treat, visit her website, where you’ll find that Sandra Phillips is an intelligent woman with well-spoken opinions and a great deal of faith.  The website contains information about her music, tracks from all of her albums available for listening pleasure, fan items for sale and more.  Available internationally for $1.99 plus shipping and handling at PeaceWork Music, Fare Thee Well is most definitely a CD worth checking out.

For those who want to find out more about Sandra Phillips visit her website at 

For more about Independent and Unsigned artist, visit IndieByte.


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