Save the Date

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Is there anything scarier than a public marriage proposal?  There's no time to talk it over and everyone is looking at you expecting you to say yes.  Well, what happens if that public marriage proposal ends in not just a no, but in a break-up.  In Save the Date, that's just what happens when Kevin (Geoffrey Arend) asks Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) to marry him.  Sarah goes to her sister Beth, seeking support, only to find that she is too immersed in her own wedding plans with Kevin's band mate Andrew (Martin Starr).  A rebound romance with another man inspires Sarah to take a long look at herself and her fear of commitment.  When is it time to give in to love?

                The Save the Date Soundtrack features twelve tracks of music by various artists, including Wilco, Daniel Hart, Wolfbird, Arum Rae, Charles Bradley and more.  The music varies in genre and style, but is consistent about theme - the trials and tribulations of love.   In discussing the music selected for this film, Director Michael Mohan reminded us about the meanings music holds for us.  There is a certain sort of nostalgia there as we assign meaning to the songs we hear, often times automatically associating certain music to certain moments in our lives.  "It not only acts as a reminder of the people we used to be, it acts as a reminder of the people we still are."

                With this thought in mind, the music of Save the Date was selected to have meaning for the various characters in the film.  Heavy Metal Drummer by Wilco is an alternative anthem of sorts for Sarah and her situation.  It also has a poignant line in the song that reminds us of what we have left behind as we've gotten older: "I miss the innocence I've known."  O Sangeeta by Daniel Hart is a punkish rock song about a man who can never seem to get the timing right when attempting to reveal how he feels about the woman he loves.  This is followed by the love song Baby Blue by Giorgio Moroder, a dance track that may serve to bring some of its listeners back to the fun days of the 80s.

                Another 80s style song, Accidents by Wolfbird seems at first to be one full of laments over past mistakes but turns into a love song.  After all, all of the things the singer has gone through led him to the person he loves.  Soak it Up by Houses is a rather strange psychedelic mix describing what happens when you meet someone for the first time.  Lovin' You Baby by Charles Bradley featuring Menahan Street Band is a beautiful old-school R&B track of a man's desperate love for a woman.  Babies by Wolfbird may actually be the weirdest song on the album as it is a rock track with no meaning whatsoever.

                After this silly track is Some Place, an interesting little rock number by Nick Waterhouse that describes Sarah search for the elusive perfect moment when she will know this relationship is the right one.  Sarah fears commitment and that fear causes her to wonder how she will know when she meets the person she will spend the rest of her life with.  So, just like the song, she is constantly searching for something she can't exactly describe, but that she knows she hasn't found yet.  This is followed by In My Head by Arum Rae, an R&B track that seems to describe Sarah's breakup with Kevin and subsequent relationship with a new man.  Next up is Let Me Take You Out, an fun alternative track by Class Actress Sunlight by The One AM Radio is a dance track that speaks to one's hope that they will be rescued from their fears and dark times by a moment of...sunlight.  The last track on the album, Good Luck by  Hrishikesh Hirway, is an instrumental track that has a hint of sadness to it mixed with a bit of hopefulness for things to come.

                I enjoyed the Save the Date Soundtrack so much that I listened to it four times.  The music is fun and, with the exception of Babies, the songs have truly meaningful lyrics.  The orchestrators of this album certainly knew what they were doing when piecing together music for this film.  The songs tell the tale of the movie and work together as a perfect standalone album about the ups and downs of love.  This is a fun album with songs that will stick in your head long after the last note of the last track has played.


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