Scary Movie V

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Created by the Wayans Brothers, the Scary Movie franchise is famous for its parodies of recent horror films.  Beginning in the year 2000, each Scary Movie has made the attempt to be funnier than the other.  On April 12, 2013, the fifth installment of Scary Movie features parodies of Paranormal Activity, Mama, Sinister, The Evil Dead, Black Swan and more.

                The Scary Movie V Soundtrack features music by various artists, including Hyper Crush, The League, Blind Truth, John Costello and more.  The soundtrack is mainly dance and rap with a final track that combines rap and metal.  Things start off with a fun Kesha-like dance track called Werk Me.  Then there’s I Want Her, a song that takes Katy Perry’s  I Kissed a Girl and takes it one step further.  This track has a parody-esque style to it, even sounding like Perry’s song with vocals performed in a lower tone.  The beat and the lyrics of How You Girlz Get Down are really catchy.  These are my favorite tracks, but there were a lot of enjoyable rap and dance tracks along the way.

                Interspersed between the dance and rap tracks are some songs that don’t seem to fully belong.  These tracks hint at the parody nature of the film and are probably used to define certain funny moments.  For example, in between Werk Me and I Want Her is a track called Way Out Willie, which many television enthusiasts out there will recognize as the funnier sax parts of the Benny Hill theme song Lakme Flower Duet and Swan Lake’s Waltz of Flowers are most likely songs used during parodies of Black Swan.

                The last song on the album is a rocking rap track in the Rage Against the Machine style.  Ready for War is a slamming “I’m done being a victim and ready to fight” song that neatly ties up the entire album while still eliciting the same head-bobbing and hand drumming that the rest of the album supplies.

                The Scary Movie V Soundtrack is a great deal of fun as a stand alone album and I have no doubt that it works perfectly as background music for the film.  While not every movie in the Scary Movie franchise has come up a winner, the music is usually pretty good and this, the fifth installment, has produced a terrific soundtrack well worth the listen.


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