Scored!: Classic Film Music: Battle

Performed By: Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra & City of Prague Philharmonic

Distributed by: Primary Wave Records and BFM Digital, Inc.

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            When I was first approached to review the Scored! Classic Film Music albums, I was intrigued.  I take great enjoyment in listening to musical scores that are dramatic and aide in defining the movie for which they were composed.  What scores were more dramatic than those created for the movies of the classic era?  After listening to Scored! Crime, a compilation of musical scores created for classic films in the crime genre, I couldn’t wait to listen to Scored! Battle.

            The Scored! Battle album contains music from such classic war films as Mutiny on the Bounty, Alexander the Great, Zulu, The Battle of Britain, A Bridge Too Far and more.  Ah, the drama, as we listen to the brass and horns sound, the tympani drums rumble, the snares roll and the cymbals crash.  The percussion and the horns gives the music a military feel.

            Of course, not all of the music is completely serious.  Kelley’s Heroes is a comedic movie that takes place during World War II Flutes define the light-hearted nature of the film in the Kelley’s Heroes Theme.

            I have never actually seen most of the movies on this album but the music is enough to inspire me to check them out.  The compositions definitely have stand alone capability - that is that the music is so brilliantly composed as to be perfect without adding visuals.  The compositions remind me of musical pieces we strove to master when I was in band all those years ago.  Of course, we never even got close to the real thing.

            I found myself truly enjoying the Scored! Battle album, even playing air conductor to some of the more dramatic tracks.  Fans of music composed for classic war films will love this compilation album.  Fans of dramatic composition will find Scored! Battle to be a perfect addition to their music collection.


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