Scream 4

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In Scream 4, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), survivor of the numerous incarnations of the murderous ghost-faced serial killer, has written a self-help book.  She returns to her home town of Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour and reunites with Sheriff Dewey (David Arquette) and Gale (Courtney Cox-Arquette), now married, her Aunt Kate (Mary McDonnell) and her cousin Jill (Emma Roberts).  Unfortunately, her return also reunites her with Ghostface, placing herself and everyone she cares for in grave danger.

            I really enjoyed the first Scream and actually didnít think the second movie was too bad.  In fact, I loved the music I heard in the second film so much, I bought the Scream 2 Soundtrack soon after seeing the movie.  The soundtrack contained a mix of hip-hop, rap, alternative and hard rock and really caught my attention.  I really didnít pay much attention to Scream 3, so weíll skip ahead to Scream 4.  While I question a fourth addition to the franchise, I couldnít help but wonder about the music.  Iíd heard good things thus far, and couldnít wait to check out the promo album I was sent.

            The soundtrack starts out rocking with The Sounds, the lead singer begging her would-be lover to give her something that makes their love special - Something to Die For.  This is followed by what could be my favorite song on the album, Bad Karma.  Performed by Ida Maria, the song is an ode to someone who has hurt her in more ways than one.  As she warns, this individual is messing with karma and, ďBad Karmaís a Bitch!Ē  We follow this with some alternative/punk rock in the song Cup of Coffee by The Novocaines.  How does this song pertain to the movie?  Well, the singer wants just one more cup of coffee before he dies.  Most of the rest of the songs are in this vein - talking about death or destruction in some way, shape or form.  Each track, with the exception of Run For Your Life by 6 Day Riot, is basically alternative rock.  Run For Your Life, another favorite of mine, is a mix of alternative with a reggae-like flare.

            There are some tracks containing musical score.  My favorite of these is Axel F, an electronic instrumental theme featured in Beverly Hills Cop.  This time around, it is performed by Raney Shockne, an artist who has been making her way around the soundtrack circuit of late with tracks on the Fame Soundtracks as well as a spot on the Beastly Soundtrack.  I loved Axel F in the 80s when it was new and unique and still find it rather cool now.  I can actually picture doofy Sheriff Dewey sneaking around, looking for Ghostface to this music.  Hillarious!  The other two instrumental tracks, Donít Mess With the Original and Jillís America, were created by man who composed the musical score for all of the previous Scream films, Marco Beltrami.  You may also recognize this name as the man who created the musical score for The Hurt Locker.  This man knows his way around horror and knows just how to manipulate music to put a shock into you at just the right time.

            Overall, although there wasnít much diversity to the music found on this album, I would have to say that the Scream 4 Soundtrack experience was quite enjoyable.  I found the theme of the music found on the soundtrack to be rather humorous and the music to be a whole lot of fun.  Perhaps this idea of a fourth film in the Scream franchise wasnít such a bad one after all!


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