The Secret in their Eyes

Composed by: Emilio Kauderer and Federico Jusid

Distributed by: Milan Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Based on La Pregunta de sus Ojos, a novel by Eduardo Sacheri, The Secret in Their Eyes is a dramatic Argentine thriller directed by Juan Josť Campanella.  Set in 1999, a former federal justice agent (Ricardo Darin) sets out to write a book about an old rape and murder case from the 1970s.  He enlists the aide of a judge he has been secretly smitten with for years (Soledad Villamil).  As flashbacks about the case unfold and the former justice agent looks into the case more and more, it becomes apparent that the man convicted of the crime was framed and the real murderer has been kept safe by the powers that be in the Argentine government.

            The musical score of The Secret in Their Eyes was composed by Emilio Kauderer and Federico Jusid.  Kauderer is an Argentine musician and composer who began his career in music as a classical pianist.  His work in film scoring began in 1980 when he began working in the Cinema of Argentine, composing for the film La Discoteca del Amor.  Since then, Kaudererís scoring credits include films such as the Latin American versions of Disneyís High School Musical, Conversations with God, Heist and television series such as Dead Like Me, CSI: Miami, Resurrection Blvd. and Life with Bonnie

            Federico Jusid is a musician and composer from Buenos Aires who began his career by studying piano and musical composition when he was just seven years old.  Since then, Jusid has enjoyed training in musical interpretation and film score composition in various prestigious schools around the world.  He has composed numerous works for concert halls and has performed as a solo pianist and songwriter for many years.  Jusid has also composed musical scores for over thirty feature films, including Suspicious Death, Rodrigo and Fermatís Room.

            The Secret in Their Eyes Soundtrack presents the listener with 23 tracks of some of the most dramatic and hauntingly beautiful music I have had the pleasure of listening to in a long time.  Kaudererís classic pianist training is quite evident in each track.  The soundtrack opens with Her Eyes, a classic piano solo that is touchingly beautiful.  This is followed by The Doubt, an orchestral piece that seems to enhance upon the beauty of the first track.  As the story moves forward, the soundtrack undergoes some changes.  Choral movements mixed in with orchestral sounds enhance the drama of the events taking place in the film.  Moments of suspense are punctuated through low musical registries, adding an ominous air and quite a bit of intensity to the visual action of the film.

            The soundtrack of The Secret in Their Eyes is a hauntingly beautiful dramatic soundtrack that perfectly blends classical with contemporary.  The variety in styles and moods of the music perfectly represents the various emotions felt by the characters in the film.  If you had never seen the film, listening to the music of The Secret in Their Eyes Soundtrack would inspire you to do so.  Even if you never see the film, I urge you to check out the beauty of composition that is The Secret in Their Eyes Soundtrack.


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