Secrets of a Psychopath

Composed By: Scott Glasgow

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the horror/thriller Secrets of a Psychopath, Kari Wuhrer and Mark Famiglietti are Catherine and Henry, two sadistic siblings who lure unsuspecting young women into their home for slaughter using an online dating site.  But things seem about to change with the introduction of a new player, a woman named Georgette (Mia Serafino) who proves to be quite the challenge.

                The musical score of Secrets of a Psychopath was created by award-winning American composer Scott Glasgow.  Receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Composition from California State University and a Masters from The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Glasgow has studied musical composition with Conrad Susa and John Corigliano.  Working as an assistant composer and later as a solo composer, Scott Glasgow has amassed quite a résumé since 2002.  Some of his works include the musical scores of Chasing Ghosts, Hack!, Toxic and Lo

                                According to Scott Glasgow, in creating the score of this film, he tried to combine a state of innocence with a state of insanity, “There are children songs, music box music and many other innocent colors combined with orchestral ‘violence’ to accompany the descent into madness the main character finds himself in.”  The Secrets of a Psychopath Soundtrack begins with Prelude, a track that starts raising the hackles right away with loud, screechy violin strings overshadowing what sounds like a child's piano keys being struck.  The track culminates in a beautiful but sad piano theme that appears in various forms throughout the rest of the album.  In Marital Bliss, the theme is in a higher, yet lighter sounding pitch accompanied by an ethereal choir indicating a short-lived happiness.  In later tracks, like Memories, The Photo Album and Fantasy Hallucination, the theme appears to be a higher pitch, perhaps played on a child’s piano.  It is often off-key and dangerous sounding.  On one occasion, the theme is accompanied by a spooky child choir.  Murderous rage is described as lashing out with hard slaps of percussion. 

                After listening to the Secrets of a Psychopath Soundtrack, I was instantly reminded of Psycho and the hint of innocence coupled with murderous rage.  To me, the score Glasgow created for this film harks back to classic movie scores, using creepy music and vocals to raise the hairs on the backs of the listeners’ necks and heighten the visuals of this film.  It made me look up the trailer to check out whether the film might be something I might want to see.  This soundtrack is a definite must-listen for all fans of classic horror film scores.


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