Movie Soundtrack

Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed By: Walt Disney Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The Disney Channel original series, Shake It Up made itís debut in 2010 and has since been ranked as televisionís top rated series among kids from ages 6-10 and tweens.  The series follows the adventures of CeCe (Bella Thorne) and Rocky (Zendaya), two best friends who dream of becoming professional dancers.  Those dreams are realized when they are chosen to perform as background dancers on ďShake It Up, Chicagoď, the most popular teen dance show in the area.  On March 20, 2011, Walt Disney Records will release Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance, the follow up of Shake It Up: Break It Down, and I had an opportunity to check it out.

            As on the first Shake It Up album, Live 2 Dance features songs performed by stars of the show as well as up-and-coming Disney Channel stars.  The albums starts off with a rocking party tune performed by Adam Hicks and Coco Jones called Whodunit.  This song sets the whole tone for the rest of the album.  Unfortunately, it is followed by TTYLXOX, performed by Bella Thorne.  The song is catchy and probably will be fun for kids of the texting generation, but, not being a fan of text-speak, I was turned off by the track.  Next is Something to Dance For, a ballad about fighting for your dreams beautifully performed by Zendaya.

            I recognized the next song right away.  Up Up and Away by Blush debuted as a single early in February and is a fun dance track that has quickly become my favorite on the album.  This song is followed by Show Ya How, a catchy track in which Adam Irigoyen and Kenton Duty remind us that we donít have to follow others to be cool; we have our own cool styles and should just let them show.  Make Your Mark is next up on the album and features Drew Ryan Scott singing about leaving his mark on the dance floor and eventually the world.

            Donít Push Me is an awesome track in which Coco Jones bares her fangs.  Itís a track about a girl who has been pushed to her limits and has had enough - something I definitely can relate to at times.  Amber Lily follows with the dance track Turn It On Adam Trent follows with a love ballad entitled Moves Like Magic.  This is followed by TKO and Nevermind teaming up on Critical, Ylwa on Bring the Fire, Jenilee Reyes performing Whereís the Party and TKO and Nevermind teaming up again for Surprise.

            The final track of the album is a mix of Something to Dance For and TTYLXOX and I found it to be rather disappointing.  Neither song has anything to do with the other - their not close in lyrics or in meaning - and I canít see why anyone would want to mix the two.  The result is just a mess and never should have been made.

            Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance is a terrific follow up to the immensely popular Shake It Up: Break It Down.  The music is upbeat and features positive lyrics for kids and adults alike.  The entire album is a whole lot of fun.  Youíll find yourself bobbing your head and singing along after the first few lines of the album.  By the second time you hear it, youíll be dancing along, singing the lyrics you now know by heart.


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