Rock / Alternative

Shoot Me, Shoot Me, Heaven

Artist: Taylor Hollingsworth

Produced by: Brash Music

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Some time ago, I reviewed Tragic City, an album by singer / songwriter from Alabama named Taylor Hollingsworth.  Brash Music had been promoting Hollingsworth as a terrific guitarist and I agreed with them.  I also agreed with the statement that Hollingsworth’s music “is also not quite like anything you know.”  I remember thinking it was not quite like anything I would actually want to know.  In fact, had it not been for the great guitar riffs, I would have toted the album as a hugely tragic mistake by the artist.  Instead, I suggested that the artist should stay with music, but find a different front man for his band.

            Recently, I received a new album from Taylor Hollingsworth called Shoot Me, Shoot Me Heaven.  It would appear that Mr. Hollingsworth did not follow my advice and still believes he makes for an excellent front man.  The six-song album contains two tracks from Hollingsworth’s original album (When I Get Around and How Could You Be So Cold), plus four new ones, including the title track.  From first to last track, this CD has very little in redeeming features.  The minute you pop this CD into the player, you are assaulted by loud overbearing music – guitar riffs and percussion.  The background music is so loud that you can just barely make out the vocals on each track. 

            However, the loud music could be a blessing in disguise, for every time Hollingsworth’s voice breaks through the cacophony, you discover that you never wanted to hear it in the first place.  Taylor Hollingsworth’s vocal skills have not improved in the least bit.  His nasal intones are painfully off-key.  The lyrics on the CD have shown no improvement over Hollingsworth’s first album.  The only thing Hollingsworth would seem to have going for him is his talent with the guitar and that’s what he should stick with. 

            Taylor Hollingsworth’s new album left me with a tremendous headache and will probably leave most listeners screaming the title: Shoot Me, Shoot Me, Heaven!

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