Young Adult Fiction

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood

Written by: Ann Brashares

Published By: Dell Laurel-Leaf

Reviewed by Melissa Minners



           Tibby, Bridget, Carmen and Lena have been friends since before birth…or something like that.  Their parents met in a pregnancy aerobics class and formed a bond that would last throughout their pregnancies and well into their children’s lives.  The girls have been together since birth, despite the eventual drifting of their parents’ friendship.  Last summer had threatened to tear their friendship apart.  Always together during the summer months, last year was different.  Lena had traveled to Greece to see her grandparents, Bridget went to soccer camp in Mexico, Carmen spent the summer with her Dad and Tibby was to start working.

            Enter the Traveling Pants, a pair of jeans that Carmen had bought in a discount store without ever trying them on.  Miraculously, the pants fit all four girls beautifully, despite the variations in height, weight and shape.  The four decided that they would share the pants over the summer.  The pants would unite them, however far the distance between them.

            This summer, the four members of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants would still be sharing the magical jeans, now happily adorned with markings commemorating their individual journeys the previous summer.  This summer, the girls had planned to spend together, with the exception of Tibby who would be attending a film program in a college in Virginia. 

            However, that plan took a left turn when Bridget announced that she would be taking a trip to Alabama to visit her estranged grandmother…and hopefully, to find herself along the way.  Then, Carmen’s mother begins dating for the first time since her divorce.  Lena gets an unexpected visit from Kostos whom she had broken up with over the winter.  Tibby’s attempt at making friends in her film program begins to distance her from the people she loves.  As the summer drags on with catastrophe after catastrophe, the girls begin to fear for the worst.  Have the Traveling Pants finally lost their magic?

            Once again, I was totally entranced by The Second Summer of the Sisterhood, sequel to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  Ann Brasheres has a writing style that captures you from the very first sentence and leaves you yearning for more when you reach the last word.  I simply hated to put this book down to complete such inconsequential tasks as eating or sleeping.  Brasheres has a way of endearing her characters to her readers and I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen to Tibby, Carmen, Lena and Bridget next.  As in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, each chapter of The Second Summer of the Sisterhood begins with a quote that foretells the mood of the chapter.  I find this to be a unique and clever way to give the readers an idea of things to come. 

            If the first novel was a book about growth and exploration, this sequel simply proves that life is a continual learning experience.  What happens in the lives of these girls and their reactions to these events are something that teenagers can relate to and grown-ups can remember and sympathize with.  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series continues to be an utter joy to experience.  These are books for people of all ages and come highly recommended on my list of books to devour!


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