Composed By: Andy Cabic and Eric D. Johnson

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, Smashed stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Kate, one half of a happily married couple whose bond is built on their love of music, laughter and booze.  When Kateís drinking gets out of control, placing her in a dangerous place and putting her teaching job in jeopardy, Kate goes to AA in an attempt to get sober.  She gets help from her sponsor Jenny (Octavia Spencer) and her schoolís vice principal (Nick Offerman), but sobriety isnít easy thanks to Jennyís mother, the lies she has told her employer and her own husband Charlie (Aaron Paul).

                The Smashed Soundtrack contains songs by various artists, including Richard and Linda Thompson, Bart Davenport, La Tentazion, Cass McCombs and more.  The musical score on the album was composed by Andy Cabic and Eric D. Johnson.  Both Cabic and Johnson have been members of rock bands.  While this is Cabicís first foray into feature film scoring, Johnson has already dabbled in the film scoring front, creating musical scores for Ceremony, Our Idiot Brother and Nature Calls.

                The music found on the Smashed Soundtrack is mainly of a rock-n-roll nature.  Both the songs and the score are heavy on guitars and synths and have a 50s/60s feel to them.  While the songs were interesting, including the incredibly sentimental Dream Come True Girl (Youíre not my dream girl / Youíre not my reality girl / Youíre my dream come true girl.), I had a great deal of trouble understanding just what this movie was about from the soundtrack.  The musical score really didnít clue me in on the plot of the movie or the main characterís struggles. 

                That being said, I truly believe that this album is worth taking a listen to, if just for the interesting retro-rock sound.  I would be extremely interested in seeing how the music was used in the film.  In fact, it was the music of the soundtrack that made me interested in the film itself and, after doing some research on the plot, I want to see more.  If you are into the retro-rock scene, then Smashed is a soundtrack you will want to check out.


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