Someone Like You

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Reviewed by Justine Manzano


             Every now and then, I like to pick up a movie I have loved for years and examine what exactly it is I love about it so much.  Someone Like You is not quite old enough to merit a Turn Back The Clock status, but it is a little behind us.  Released in 2001, Someone Like You was the first movie Hugh Jackman did after he debuted as Wolverine in the first X-Men movie.  Having fallen in love with him there, I decided I needed to see this movie, plot notwithstanding.  I didn’t realize that I was ignoring the best part.

            Someone Like You follows Jane Goodall (Ashley Judd, Where The Heart Is, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood), as she meets the man she believes to be the love of her life, Ray Brown (Greg Kinnear, Invincible, Stuck On You).  Ray, who works with her as a talk show talent scout, tells her that he is seeing someone else, but “she doesn’t understand” him.  Of course.  But, after he breaks it off with his initial girlfriend, his relationship with Jane becomes weird.  Suddenly, they are breaking up, Jane has no idea why, and she has already given up her apartment to move in with him.  Now, desperate, she moves in with her womanizer friend, Eddie Alden (the above mentioned Hugh Jackman).

Needing an explanation for Ray’s behavior, Jane begins to rationalize a theory about men, and their anti-monogamist behavior.  She and her friend Liz (Marisa Tomei, My Cousin Vinny, Untamed Heart) invent a professor and publish an essay likening men to animals and explaining what Jane calls, “New Cow Theory.”  This theory basically likens human behavior to a bull’s because a bull won’t sleep with the same cow twice, no matter how she is disguised.  Immediately, her article becomes immensely popular and she is sucked into pursuing something that she had only meant to be a one time thing.  Zaniness ensues.  As she conducts research and struggles to cover up her identity, she discovers that Ray’s other woman is someone she knows quite well, that Eddie is just as wounded as she is, and that, while her theory has some truth, people are people, not cows.  And she may just find love again on her way.

            This movie is absolutely heart warming and it reveals a couple of truths I have found myself to be surprisingly forgetful of.  I have been married for many years, but watching friends and family date unsuccessfully occasionally makes me callous.  I begin to forget that my husband is not the only nice guy in the world and that the majority of men are not pigs.  This movie does well to remind me of those facts.

Someone Like You contains brilliant comic performances by all actors involved.  Jackman shows us that he’s not merely an action star and Judd is just adorable and neurotic (a type of character I always love.  It must have to do with me being neurotic…).  It’s great for laughs and tears and I’m sure it’s an awesome movie to depressingly gobble down pints of iced cream in front of.  But I wouldn’t know…I haven’t had to do that in a long time.  After all, I landed one of the best men ever. 

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