Sonny With A Chance

Artist: Various Artists

Produced by: Walt Disney Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Sonny With A Chance is a hit comedy television series on the Disney Channel starring Demi Lovato as Allison “Sonny” Monroe, a teenager who becomes the new cast member of her favorite comedy show, So Random!  She begins a new life in Hollywood, trying to balance her friendships with the day to day issues that crop up at school and on the set, including those involving the feud between the cast of So Random! and the cast members of the neighboring set for the television series Mackenzie Falls.  The award-winning Sonny With A Chance is now in its second season and Walt Disney Records has released a new soundtrack featuring nine songs from and inspired by the series.

            The Sonny With A Chance Soundtrack features four songs, including the show’s them song So far So Great, performed by Demi Lovato.  Co-star Sterling Knight and Tiffany Thornton co-wrote the songs they perform.  The Hollywood Records band Allstar Weekend contributes a song they will be performing on the show on October 17, 2010 called Come Down With Love.

            For the most part, the Sonny With A Chance Soundtrack is somewhat of a romantic album mostly in the pop genre, with the exception of Sure Feels Like Love which offers up a little country.  Songs like Hanging, Kiss Me, What To Do, Come Down With Love and Sure Feels Like Love really stress that romantic aspect of things: the confusion, the yearning, the anticipation.  I actually enjoyed Come Down With Love the most as it compares love to something like a cold, infection or bug bite - a fairly funny way of looking at love and often time quite apt: “I’ve been stopping at green lights. / Got lost on my way home, I’ sleep walking at night. / Put my shirt on inside out, umbrella in the sun / My head up in the clouds, my friends just laugh at me. / There's only one thing it could be. / I’ve come down with love…”

            Me, Myself and Time, Work of Art and So Far So Great, all Demi Lovato songs are upbeat and discuss maturity with time, enjoying life and happiness with the way things are working out.  My particular favorite is Work of Art as it expresses my philosophy about life: “Everyday is like a blank canvas / You know you can paint it anyway you want it / You can draw black clouds, you can make the sun shine / Color in a rainbow, or use black and white / Open up your eyes and, your imagination…If you follow your heart, Life is a work of art.”  I’m impressed with Demi Lovato’s voice and the maturity she has achieved over time.  My first exposure to Demi Lovato’s work was during the original Camp Rock movie.  Since then, she has definitely developed more polished vocals.  I enjoyed her work for the second Camp Rock film and I think she’s exhibited even more improvement on this album. 

            Fans of the television show are going to love the Sonny With A Chance Soundtrack, but I think what makes this album special is that you don’t have to be a fan of the show to enjoy the music.  It’s hard to believe that each song has either been on or inspired by a hit television show aimed at teens.  The music is mature enough to be enjoyed by teens and adults alike.  At nine tracks long, the Sonny With A Chance Soundtrack is a bit short, but well worth the listen.


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