Spiders 3D

Composed By: Joseph Conlan

Distributed by: Screamworks Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the far reaches of space, an abandoned Russian space station is about to come apart, revealing a horrific secret.  Pieces of the space station hurtle towards Earth and along with them, some hitchhikers – giant spiders who make their way through the subway system, laying eggs in hosts in an effort to become a colony.  It is now up to a handful of humans to eradicate this giant arachnid problem before the arachnids eradicate them.

                The musical score of Spiders 3D was created by composer Joseph Conlan who became interested in television and film scoring after being introduced to the book Scoring for Films by Earle Hagen in college.  Since beginning his scoring career over thirty years ago, Conlan has created some of the most recognized musical scores for television and movies to date, including the scores for V: The Final Battle, Simon & Simon, Tour of Duty, Deadly Whispers, The Rosa Parks Story, NCIS and more.

                The Spiders 3D Soundtrack features a heavy rock influence mixed with orchestral and electronic elements.  Electric guitar riffs and synths combined with electronic sounds and electronically influenced strings create a modern, science fiction atmosphere.  Programmed rhythmic percussion builds up the adrenaline by setting the pace of each scene.  From the moment the soundtrack begins, there is a sense of foreboding brought on by a dark undercurrent to the music, but as the movie moves forward, horns, guitar riffs and fast-paced percussion take on a heroic style.  Perhaps the humans can save the world after all – listening to this soundtrack gives one hope.

                One method that I particularly enjoyed was the way the composer twisted Emily’s Theme, an innocent sounding track featuring innocent sounding keyboards, in the later track Searching for Emily.  In this track, which appears close to the end of the album, the keyboards in Emily’s Theme are out of tune and the song sounds as if it was pounded out on a toy piano.  Enough to give the listener chills and make one worry about Emily’s safety.

                The Spiders 3D Soundtrack is a lot of fun to listen to.  Its modern sound offers the perfect background music for a science fiction/horror film.  As a standalone album, this soundtrack features some rocking good tracks making it one of those great additions to any modern music lover’s music collection.


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