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Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Every so often, you just feel the need to watch a sexy comedy featuring hot actors and a storyline that is anything but believable.  In other words, you just feel the need to be entertained and want a movie that isnít going to make you think.  I was having one of those days and it was that feeling I was having that made me pop Splendor into the DVD player.

            Splendor stars Kathleen Robertson as Veronica, an aspiring actress who moves to Los Angeles, California in search of her dream.  In her mid-twenties, Veronicaís dream has yet to take off, as does her love life which has been fairly non-existent over the last couple of years or so.  But all of that is about to change thanks to a crazy party she has been dragged to by her best friend Mike (Kelly Macdonald).

            It is there that she meets Abel (Jonathon Schaech), a struggling novelist who writes music reviews as a source of income until he can finish his novel.  Abel is cute in that dark, handsome and brooding sort of way and Veronica finds herself giving Abel her phone number.  But backstage at the party, she meets Zed (Matt Kessler), the drummer of the band playing at the party.  Zed is cute in that innocent looking blonde hair, blue-eyed way and Veronica finds herself giving away a lot more than her phone number to Zed that night.

            Soon Veronica finds herself in two relationships, unable to choose between either Abel or Zed.  Honest to a fault, she tells each one about the other.  In the beginning, the two men hate each other and compete for Veronicaís attention, but, after a drunken night of Truth or Dare, the three settle down into quite the interesting relationship.  At first, things are wonderful for Veronica and she believes that she is living a blessed life, but when things start to become complicated, will Veronica ditch her unconventional relationship for a more stable one?

            As I said, this film is a no-brainer.  It wasnít created to make you think.  It was created to give you some good laughs and to fulfill your sexual libido with some steamy love scenes performed by some extremely good looking actors.  And this film delivers all of that perfectly, besides playing up to womenís fantasyís everywhere.  What straight woman wouldnít want two men fawning all over them night and day, etc.?  Duh?! 

            Kathleen Robertson is a great actress, but Splendor was not a movie in which her acting was going to count for much.  Her excellent emotional performances in this film tend to be overlooked when compared to the more erotic performances.  Jonathan Shaech and Matt Kessler do comedy very well, but again, viewers will probably find themselves more enthused with their looks than their acting.  Poor Eric Mabius plays such a geek, itís hard to recognize him in this film as the womanizing boss in Ugly Betty or the undercover cop looking for his sister in Resident Evil.  Other than Robertson, the only other notable performances come from Kelly Macdonald who adds a tremendous amount of humor to the film via her dialogue, delivery and facial expressions.

            The soundtrack of this film is incredible featuring songs by Everything But the Girl, Blur, Mandalay, Fatboy Slim, R.E.M., New Order and The Chemical Brothers.  But what really steals the show is the cinematography.  The camera angles, slow panning and other interesting tricks of cinematography make the erotic scenes even more enticing.

            Now, if you really have to think during this film, you might notice that the two love interests, Abel and Zed have names that are at different ends of the alphabet, representing how opposite end of the spectrum these two characters really are.  However, when it all comes down to it, A and Z are both part of the same alphabet and we soon discover that, apart from all their differences, Abel and Zed share quite a few similarities, not the least of which being that they are both head over heels for Veronica.

            No, Splendor didnít gross much money at the box office and didnít earn any awards, but the performances by Kathleen Robertson and Kelly Macdonald, coupled with the erotic scenes and the comedic moments in the film make this the perfect movie for those days when you just feel like being entertained by a film.  This movie is not going to make you look any smarter for having watched it, but on a day when you just want to be entertained, Splendor is a whole lot of fun.


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