Composed By: Christopher Lennertz

Distributed by: La-La Land Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            From the makers of Warhawk comes a new third-person shooter game for the Playstation 3 Starhawk is set in the not too distant future in which human have colonized other planets and mine for one of this new time’s most valuable commodities – Rift Energy.  Logan and Emmett Graves are miners whose rig is attacked and destroyed, exposing them to the Rift Energy.  Emmett survives unscathed, but Logan, severely mutated by the energy becomes one of the very mutants that attacked his family’s rig in the first place – an Outcast.  Emmett, having lost everything, joins his friend Sydney Cutter in becoming a gunslinger for hire, traveling planet to planet ridding the world of destructive Outcasts.  But when the mayor of White Sands asks for the gunslingers’ help, will Emmett come face to face with the one Outcast he can’t destroy?         

            The musical score of Starhawk was created by American composer, producer, conductor and arranger Christopher Lennertz.  Since his breakout film score for Alvin and the Chipmunks, Lennertz has proven his composing capabilities in a number of genres and medium having created the musical scores for such Horrible Bosses, Hop, Marmaduke, Vampires Suck and more; television series like Supernatural, Tough Enough and L.A. Heat and video games like Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, Mass Effect 2: Overlord and Warhawk.

            When Christopher Lennertz was approached to create the musical score for the Starhawk video game, he was more than excited.  According to Lennertz, “It obviously didn’t take long for me to get excited, but when the guys from Sony Computer Entertainment told me that I’d get to write sweeping themes, record at Skywalker Sound, and take another wonderful creative journey with my friend Dylan Jobe and the Sony Team, I knew I just had to be involved.”  He wanted to create a unique soundtrack that would immerse the player into the Starhawk world.

            The resulting musical score is an amazingly unique mix of futuristic and old-time gunslinger music.  The main theme of the soundtrack featured heroic horn fanfares mixed with the orchestral sounds of strings and percussion and electric guitars.  This theme is featured throughout the album.  Emmett’s Theme is a mixture of this heroic theme and that of the Wild West Badlands gunslinger theme which features acoustic guitars and harmonicas.  Throw in some ethnic woodwinds, electric fiddle, dobro and slide electric guitars to offer up an exotic feel to the new locales Emmett finds himself visiting and you have an amazingly unique soundtrack worthy of an epic film.

            Listening to the Starhawk Soundtrack, I was immediately impressed.  I loved the mixture of heroic battle music and old-time western twang.  Had I not known that this was a musical score for a video game, I would have thought I was listening to the soundtrack of some futuristic western flick.  The score was so enjoyable, I was inspired to check out the trailer for the game.  The action and adventure of the video game is explosive and fast-moving.  The musical score created by Christopher Lennertz is the perfect accompaniment to the action, pumping up the adrenaline and intensifying the experience. 

            But don’t take my word for it, hurry up and get your hands on the Starhawk Soundtrack scheduled for release on June 19, 2012.  You better move fast, this twenty-eight track $22.00US album is only being released in limited quantities (only 3000 units available)!


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