Science Fiction

The Starscape Project

Written by: Brad Aiken

Published By: Padwolf Publishing

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            It is the dawn of the 26th Century.  Man is at peace with the universe.  It is a tenuous peace, but a peace nonetheless.  The world is about to celebrate the new year and Captain Danny Stryker is more than ready.  He has everything planned out Ė every minute detail.  But the man who once prepared for every eventuality, leading to the defeat of the dreaded Teconeans, is totally unprepared for what will happen at the start of the year 2500.  In a matter of minutes, the world will see Danny Stryker as a traitorous murderer, hell-bent on the destruction of civilization as we know it.  If Stryker was looking for a peaceful beginning to the new year, he was dead wrong.  Now Captain Stryker, his partner T.C, his lover Jennifer, and an unexpected ally are in a race against time to clear Strykerís name and regain control of the top secret military weapon that Stryker has been accused of stealing.

            And unbeknownst to all of the players involved in this game of espionage and deceit, another player is entering the field.  One that has gone undetected by the Federation and the Teconean Army both.  An alien force has taken it upon themselves to eradicate evil throughout the universe.  Having studied both the Federation and the Teconeans, they have come to a decision that could have disastrous effects on all those involved.

            The Starscape Project by Brad Aiken, is a quick and exciting read.  The characters are well-written and the story is easy to follow.  From the introduction chapter, the readerís imagination is captured, making it hard to put down this novel until the very last page has been turned.  Stryker and his allies are given such qualities as to endear them to the reader, making he / she root for their cause.  Aiken throws enough twists and turns into his novel to keep the storyline fresh and intriguing.  The ending of the novel is cryptic enough to lead the reader to believe in their hopes for a sequel.

            If there is anything to criticize about The Starscape Project, it is the fact that the brief introductory information regarding the Federation / Teconean War was simply not enough.  Readers will put this book down longing for a fully detailed account of the war and the events that led up to it.  The author might think about writing a prequel to the novel documenting the war of the Federation versus the Teconeans.  

            That having been said, The Starscape Project, by Brad Aiken, is a brilliant edition to the Padwolf Publishing collection.  Brad Aiken is one of those talented writers who knows how to draw in his audience and simply refuses to let go once heís gotten hold of them.  Even now, after having completed this novel some time ago, this reader is still wondering what other sorts of twists and turns Aiken is going to run our heroes through in the sequel which was fairly promised by the novelís ending. 

            The Starscape Project by Brad Aiken Ė a must read for all science fiction buffs out there! 


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