Rock / Pop / Emo

Remember the Sound

Artist: Stars in December

Produced by: 10-34 Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The Long Island, New York band Stars in December began its career in 2001 with an acoustic act by founding members Billy Orlando and Bryan Eich.  Seeking to expand musically, rhythm, guitars, and keyboard were soon added with the addition of members John Emanuele, Steve DeBono, and Rich Cupolo in 2004.   Although the band doesnít have an overly long career in the music business, some acts just donít need a past to make history. 

            Remember the Sound is Stars in Decemberís debut EP and a rocking debut it is.  Listeners find themselves drumming along to the beat.  The guitars and keyboard blend terrifically with the vocals.  Itís no wonder that the band lists the Counting Crows as one of their musical influences.  Stars in December sounds like the Counting Crows at their best.  No more so than in the final track on the EP Maybe Iím Wrong

            The bandís My Space profile boasts that Stars in December ďÖare able to create enticing melodies and sing-a-longs that are bound to become your favorite. Youíll be singing along to every single song at the top of your lungs.Ē  I can attest to the fact that this is the most honest marketing statement ever made as I found myself singing along to each track of Remember the Sound after only the second time I played the EP.  Perhaps the best song on the album is Look At Her Go, a tale of pain and anguish brought on by the lies and deceit of a lover.  Maybe Iím Wrong comes in as a second favorite, a song of hopefulness mixed with insecurity.

            Itís unfortunate that, as an EP, Remember the Sound contains only six songs.  When the last track ends, the listener feels like it all happened way to fast.  But thatís what they made the repeat option for!  Pop it in, pump it up Ė Remember the Sound by the up and coming band Stars in December!


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