Songs By Various Artists

Distributed by: Walt Disney Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            StarStruck is a Disney Channel Original Movie featuring Danielle Campbell as Jessica Olson, a young girl who meets a Hollywood pop star while visiting with her grandmother in Los Angeles.  Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight) is highly popular and seemingly has it all - fame, fortune, a big-budget movie in the wings and an attractive girlfriend.  But after spending time with Jessica, Christopher realizes that he’s been missing out on something more important - being himself.   When an incident in the press forces him to choose between movie stardom and a chance to be true to himself, the choice he makes could have a sever effect on his newfound relationship with Jessica.

            The soundtrack of StarStruck features twelve songs performed by cast members  featured in the film.  Since Christopher Wilde is supposed to be a pop star, it comes as no surprise that this album is completely pop in genre.  Sterling Knight’s vocals are in tune with such boy band and male pop stars as the Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, Gavin DeGraw and more.  Easy on the eyes, watching Knight sing is bound to make many a teenage girl swoon.  Brandon Mychal Smith performs an admirable rap in the track Party Up Mitchel Musso shines in Welcome to Hollywood, the only track not performed by a cast member of the film.

            Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the songs performed by the female cast members in this album.  In a somewhat Britney Spears vein, the girls voices sound quite a bit synthesized, taking away from their performances and making one wonder if they can really sing.

            For true Disney Channel fans, the StarStruck Soundtrack features something even more.  Popping the CD into the computer will allow you access to behind the scenes interviews, the StarStruck music video and more.

            Fans of Hannah Montana and High School Musical are bound to love this album.  The music is upbeat pop with a bit of dance and rap flavor mixed in and the lyrics of each song do a fair job of relating the storyline of the film.  It will probably have a bigger appeal among the teenage girl crowd, thanks to Sterling Knight, but the StarStruck Soundtrack is just as enjoyable for adult fans of pop music.  But be forewarned - this will probably be a CD your kids will drive you crazy with by playing it over and over and over again.


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