The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Trivia Book

Written By: Brian James Freeman, Hans Ake Lilja and Kevin Quigley

Illustrated By: Glenn Chadbourne

Published By:
Cemetery Dance Publications

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                I've seen a lot of Stephen King movies.  I mean, I've read more of his books, but I'm no slouch in the movie department.  That's why I was excited when Cemetery Dance Publishing sent me The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Trivia Book to review.  I couldn't wait to crack it open.  I got a pen and some paper and set to work.

                The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Trivia Book features over four hundred pages of trivia about every full feature film, made for TV movie, television miniseries, television series, etc. based on stories by Stephen King...and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE, including remakes and little known sequels.  Most of the segments also contain illustrations attached to a bonus question.  There are also trivia questions about Stephen King's cameo appearances, actors who have appeared in more than one work based on a Stephen King tale.

                As I began answering the questions and went over the answers, which are conveniently located at the end of each chapter/segment, I realized that I was not as big a Stephen King movie fan as I thought I was.  Or at least, I realized I'm not a Stephen King movie fanatic.  That's because I usually got half of them wrong.  And that's even on movies that I have seen multiple times.  Now, it is true that it has been a while since I have seen many of these movies, but I watched The Stand, The Langoiiers, Golden Years and The Green Mile recently and still got some of the questions wrong.

                Why is that?  Because unless you watch these movies over and over and over again, you will never notice all of the minute details in these works that many Stephen King fanatics can describe perfectly in their sleep.  But I do have to say that I commend the authors of this book and their attention to detail the questions suggest. 

                For all of my griping and grumbling though, I have to say that I had a lot of fun trying to answer the questions in The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Trivia Book.  It became a serious challenge for me and it also made me want to see some of the movies again.  I could definitely see this book as being a hit at a party with some of my Stephen King-fan friends.  I also found the accompanying illustrations to be amazing artwork.  One thing though: I would like to suggest that they move the answers to the back of the book rather at the end of each segment as the way it appears now makes it easier for some unscrupulous folks to cheat.  I obviously didn't as I got so many of the answers wrong.  Not to say that I am bitter over the fact that I got so many questions wrong...oh hell, I'm bitter dammit! 

                That being said, I know I'll have better success with the other book Cemetery Dance Publishing sent me: The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book.  After all, I am a lot more knowledgeable when it comes to his written works.  Of course, if you hear a blood-curdling scream over the next day or so, you will realize that the authors/obsessed fans have stumped me yet again.


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